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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles
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Taylor Swift’s “Is It Over Now?” Points To Her Harry Styles Breakup

Taylor Swift thrilled fans by finally releasing 1989 (Taylor’s Version), her version of her 2014 album, on Oct. 27 at midnight. One of the new vault songs on the album called “Is It Over Now?” has fans connecting the lyrics and meaning back to Harry Styles. While Swift and Styles’ relationship has been over for nearly a decade, fans are already connecting this song back to its roots. In the song, Swift narrates the story of a breakup that’s messy and lacks a clear definition, but she doesn’t blame just herself. Maybe she’s blaming the former One Direction singer after all.

Swift is partly known for her public relationships, but that’s what draws her fans to all of her dramatic yet relatable songs. In fact, fans have already speculated for years how the original 1989 was about Styles. They had a brief relationship at the end of 2012 into early 2013, just a year before 1989’s release. Plus, some believe the song “Style” is supposed to be inspired by him. “Is It Over Now?” sheds light to one of her relationships as it displays some of the limits that were set, so it almost makes sense to connect it with Harry. Swift questions in the “Is It Over Now? lyrics, “Was it over when she laid down on your couch?” and “Was it over when he unbuttoned my blouse?”

And there are even some niche references to famous photos of the couple together. The opening lines of the second verse, “When you lost control / Red blood, white snow,” seems to be a nod to a ski trip with Styles, the same trip that also inspired her other 1989 hit, “Out of the Woods.” The next line, “Blue dress on a boat,” also hints back to the time where Swift was photographed leaving a vacation with Styles shortly after they broke up.

Let’s not forget the powerful message Taylor Swift conveys through her music. She questions, “Your new girl is my clone,” highlighting the struggles of moving on, and it’s a sentiment that resonates with many. Harry Styles, in his song “From the Dining Table,” sings, “Woke up the girl who looked just like you, I almost said your name,” hinting at the complexities of trying to keep personal matters private. It’s clear that Swift may be addressing that the world saw Styles with someone else while they were still together.

For all the passionate Swifties, especially those who are also devoted Harry Styles enthusiasts, the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is a nostalgic journey that sparks memories of this past connection. Swift has always had a knack for weaving her personal experiences and emotions into her music, and it’s no secret that her relationship with Styles left a significant mark. Delving into the new vault song, it’s impossible not to reminisce about the rollercoaster ride of their romance with lyrics like, “You dream of my mouth before it called you a lying traitor.” It’s as if this song takes fans back in time, inviting them to reminisce about those fleeting moments of passion and heartache “with the wilt of the rose.” Though Swift and Styles may have moved on, their love story remains etched in the hearts of their devoted fans.

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