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It Sure Looked Like ‘Hot Ones’ Teased An Upcoming Episode With Taylor Swift

The internet has already seen Taylor Swift eat chicken wings with a very different choice of dip in the infamous “seemingly ranch” meme on Sept. 26. But on Oct. 16, First We Feast hinted on social media that Swifties might be seeing the singer in the next Hot Ones episode, which comes out on Oct. 19. Whether it’s now or later, Swift’s appearance on Hot Ones is sure to become my Roman empire.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hot Ones, the popular series on First We Feast’s YouTube channel features celebrity guests putting their spice tolerance levels to the test. I seriously can’t be the only one who considers this my comfort show. As host Sean Evans interviews the guests in a relaxed, yet intimate environment, they eat ten chicken wings prepared in progressively spicier sauces. Some celebrities (such as Lorde and Paul Rudd) remained unfazed while eating the hottest wings, but not everyone took the heat well. The spicy sauces have caused a wide range of memorable outbursts – a few highlights include Tom Holland calling for a doctor, Millie Bobby Brown speed-talking in a panic, and Billie Eilish shoving ice cubes into her mouth. 

First We Feast posted a cryptic teaser of the Oct. 19 episode to Instagram. The caption read, “Are you ready for it,” with several fans thinking this is a reference to Swift’s song, “…Ready For It?”. 

After getting several reactions from excited Swifties, First We Feast temporarily turned off comments on the photo. In a new post shared that same day, they clarified, “we are fellow swifties too, we come in peace.” 

Swifties didn’t appreciate First We Feast beating around the bush, and their reactions on X (formerly known as Twitter) are priceless. 

On Instagram, all that the show’s revealing so far is that the next Hot Ones guest faced a bear in the fourth match of their career.

As a Swiftie, I look for the hidden subtext in everything. Remember Swift’s iconic bear coat from 2012 aka the Red era? That outfit seemed to parallel the bear suit she wore in her 2020 New Year’s Eve post. Fans thought the latter hinted that Swift was in the studio working on Red (Taylor’s Version). This turned out to be accurate as the re-recorded album dropped on Nov. 12, 2021. Red is Swift’s fourth studio album, which aligns with the “fourth match of their career” hint. So yeah, I don’t think that First We Feast is talking about a literal sports match. I’m well aware that this is a bit delulu of me, but I’m just putting it out there! 

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