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Taylor Swift Fans Are Flooding Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Comments With Rat Emojis

The feud between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift never seems to end, especially with the release of Swift’s new album Reputation, which is filled with Easter eggs rumored to be about Kimye. If only the three of them could let it rest, but that wouldn’t be any fun for them, would it? Kim just added fuel to the fire with an Instagram post disguised as a simple throwback. Taylor fans think they’ve seen right through Kim’s facade, though, and they’re not happy.

With the simple caption “famous,” Kim posted a photo of herself at the “Famous” exhibit in 2016. She’s seen taking a picture of her husband’s wax figure, with Taylor’s naked wax figure in the background. Was this an innocent candid showing her love for her hubby and his work? Probably not—let’s be real. Swifties believe Kim posted the pic to open old wounds and spark some more drama.



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If you take a second to scroll through the post’s comments, they’re filled with rat emojis. If this confuses you, let me back up and explain why rats are significant. When Kim posted *that* video of Kanye and Taylor discussing the “Famous” lyrics, she captioned it with a snake emoji. The post officially dubbed Taylor a snake, which she reclaimed as a symbol for Reputation.

Taylor’s fans have now decided to flood Kim’s comments with rat emojis because “snakes eat rats,” according to one Instagram user. Kim has already blocked the snake emoji from appearing on her Instagram, but she hasn’t blocked rats…yet.

Taylor’s fans may think they’re helping the pop star, but I think she said what she needed to on Reputation: “This is why we can’t have nice things.” 

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