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Is The ‘Eras Tour’ Movie Coming To Prime Video? This TikTok Says Maybe

Swifties, dust off your feather boas and friendship bracelets — we have more exciting news about the Eras Tour concert film. Ever since  the Eras Tour movie was released in theaters on Oct. 13, fans have been showing up to watch Swift perform her discography on the big screen while others relieve their concert experiences. With the Eras Tour film taking over movie theaters around the world, fans have been posting easter eggs, reactions to movie theater crowds, and theories as to when the film will be released on streaming services. 

Fear not, many Swifties (including myself) have put on their sleuthing hats to find any hints as to when the Eras Tour will be available on streaming services. Thanks to TikTok, there might be some evidence that points to where you’ll be able to stream the Eras Tour film when that time comes. 

A TikTok user Revealed the first clue.

In a TikTok video posted on Oct. 21, user @JessicaGolich showed a fan tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter) which may have confirmed that the Eras Tour film will be coming to Prime Video in the foreseeable future. The video shows a TV with the Eras Tour description and a box that reads “The movie is currently unavailable” underneath. 

Of course, this could just be a rumor, but Swifties believe that something big is coming to Prime Video. 

Will the ‘Eras Tour’ Be Available on streaming services soon? 

I’m sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but no one knows for sure. On Oct. 12, Today reported that the Eras Tour film is only available in movie theaters. As for this writing, there’s no confirmation which streaming service will be hosting the movie once it’s theatrical run is over. 

However, it’s important to note that the Eras Tour film is slated to have a 13-week theatrical run, which means the film will be in theaters until January 2024. With that being said, we could be getting the movie on our TV screens at some point in the next few months. But for right now, fans can purchase their tickets to watch the Eras Tour in theaters and live their best lives singing along to the songs.

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