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All The ‘Big Brother’ Alumni Reactions To Taylor Hale’s Historic Win

Big Brother Season 24 contestant Taylor Hale made history on Sept. 25 when she became the first Black woman to win a regular edition of the reality television series. The latest season of the staple reality TV show has drawn in a mass audience for numerous reasons. From the history-making finale and a few “showmances,” all the way to some controversial conversations held by houseguests, it’s clear that the season will forever be cemented into the minds of Big Brother fans.

Taylor dueled it out in the end with fellow competitor Monte Turner as she made her case to the jury (a group of nine individuals that had previously been voted out during the competition weeks). Her moving speech highlighted the underdog story she endured throughout the season, which stemmed from when she was originally left out of an all-girls alliance. Taylor also faced bullying from other contestants, such as Daniel Durston when he verbally went after Taylor on behalf of his friend Nicole Layog.

Taylor’s long-fought battle showcased her persistence against hate, discriminiation, and mistreatment. She referenced her journey during her final speech to the Big Brother jury, stating, “I have overcome so much in this game and I have come to understand that I am not a shield, I am a sword. I am not a victim, I am a victor.”

In a vote of eight-to-one, Taylor rejoiced amongst her fellow houseguests and family members as host Julie Chen Moonves announced her the winner of Season 24. Taylor’s win marks the first time that a season winner was also voted as America’s Favorite Houseguest — a competition voted on by viewers to name their “favorite” contestant of the season.

Fans, previous Big Brother players, and Taylor’s houseguests have taken to social media to express their reactions to the monumental season that was Big Brother 24. In her eight-to-one jury vote win, fans correlated the number eight as a significant part of her time on Big Brother, as she also became the eighth woman to ever win the show. Not to mention, the angel number 888 represents success and financial wealth, and her total monetary winnings from the season amounted to $800,000. Coincidence? I think not.

One user on Twitter highlighted the true weight that Taylor’s drive and determination throughout the season carried. They pointed out how there are “Taylor Hales” all around us, “in [the] office, she’s in your class, your neighborhood- everywhere. She is labeled as soon as she walks in the room. She isn’t given grace and has to fight for EVERYTHING!” 

Here’s how previous Big Brother players, and one of Taylor’s closest friends from the season, reacted to her win.

Tiffany from Big Brother Season 23 and member of “The Cookout” alliance shows her faith in Taylor’s win.
Lay’s celebrates Taylor’s win after she was found eating their potato chips throughout the season. 
Big Brother Season 23 winner Xavier and member of “The Cookout” alliance highlights the history made from Taylor’s win.
Hannah, member of Big Brother’s Season 23 “The Cookout” alliance, rejoices in Taylor’s win.
Big Brother icon and alumna Janelle congratulates Taylor and fellow Season 24 competitor Michael.
Big Brother 23 houseguest Britini praises Taylor’s conduct throughout the season in conjunction with her win.
Big Brother 16 winner Derrick welcomes Taylor to the Winners Circle.
Season 24 houseguest Joseph Abdin thanks his fans for their support while referencing his adoration for his potential “showmance” with Taylor and her love for Lays chips.
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