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Targeting Your Business’ Audience

I am starting a business for which I made a Facebook page for, but I am scared of how to approach a store about selling my products.  What is your advice? Should I wait to see what my friends say about the things I make or try to jump right into the market? 

When you have a product you want to sell, the first thing you need to focus on is your target audience. A target audience is specific information about a group of people. It includes age, gender, interests, and income. When you have identified a target audience, go out and find people who fit the description and ask them what they think of the product. See what recommendations they have for the product. Look for stores or other venues that cater to your target audience. After you get information from potential customers, you can share this with the stores when you approach them about carrying your product. It is scary at first to approach people about selling your product, but having specific feedback about your products will make it easier. The more you do it, the less self-conscious you will become. And as for asking your friends what they think of the product, feel free. Take their opinions with a grain of salt, they may or may not be your perfect customer.

Laura Tirello, Certified Career Coach and owner of Core Life Design, focuses on assisting successful people find strategies to use their unique working style to become more productive and creative in their career. She specializes in teaching "idea" people how to eliminate overwhelm, clear the clutter from their minds, and get comfortable with the ideas that work for who they are and where they want to go. Whether you are trying to discover your perfect career or if you are in a career that needs an adjustment, Laura can help you align your career with you. Before starting her coaching business she received a master’s degree in Education and has 11 years of experience as an educator. Being both a coach and educator gives her a solid foundation in assisting her clients in creating a career and life plan that meets their personal goals. In her spare time, Laura loves to read, play with her super cute dog, and watch movies. She travels often; her favorite places are the South West United States and the South of France. As an “idea” person, she is constantly creating new projects and ventures. You can learn more about Laura by visiting www.corelifedesign.com
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