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Switch it up!

Helloooo er’body! First off, Happy Halloween! Second off, this post has absolutely nothing to do with halloween, but it’s all good! 

Here it goes. Though running is my #1 choice of exercise, sometimes I just need to switch it up and do something else. All cities offer many other forms of exercise, so here are a few I’ve enjoyed in Austin.

  • Yoga. There is a place in Austin that offers FREE yoga on Friday evenings. They call it their “Happy Hour” because it’s from 6:30-7:30 p.m. It’s a Bikram yoga class so I leave one hot mess (literally, ha). Yoga is an amazing way to strengthen your body and intensify your flexibility. Not to mention it’s a mind-relaxer as well. 
  • Biking. I have never been one for cycling, but taking a pleasant bike ride is a different story. Austin has a trail downtown that wraps around a lake and allows bikes and runners to enjoy it. I like going with my best friend and stopping every so often to soak in the pretty scenery and chit-chat. It’s a leisurely workout, great for the weekend.
  • Rock climbing. Not quite as low-key as the previous two, but rock climbing is an insane full-body workout. Over the summer I was able to try real rock climbing and let me tell ya, it’s amazing! A guy I was dating at the time took me rock climbing with his cousin and yes, I most definitely embarrassed myself (let’s just say my skills were not quite up to par with those two) BUT I was able to get in a quality workout! I recommend trying it out in a rock gym first, then heading out into nature. Prepare to be sore and have loads of fun! 

Grab your girls (or boy) and try out these other exercise options. It’ll be nice to break up the monotony of your general workout AND still get some good exercise in.


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Olivia Watson is a true "Austinite" and junior Journalism major at UT. She is a member of UT Communications Council, a Life and Arts staff writer for The Daily Texan, a staff writer for Hercampus Texas and an advertising intern at Texas Monthly Magazine . In her free time she enjoys running the Austin Hike and Bike Trail, swimming and eating at Olive Garden. A big fan of music, artwork and theatre, she loves visiting museums and attending plays and concerts. Her favorite things in life include vanilla-mint flavored chapstick, warm socks, romantic-comedies and cookie dough. In the future, Olivia hopes to move to New York City and pursue an editorial career in print journalism.
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