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Supporting Our Troops In Style: Fashionable Items that Support the Troops

As college girls, wrapped up in classes and extracurriculars and our social lives, we don’t always take the time to appreciate and support the work our troops are doing for us overseas and on our shores. No matter what your political views or stance on war may be, there’s no question that the troops deserve our respect and support. And while we’re supporting them it doesn’t hurt to look cute too! Here’s some merchandise to sport in support!


TroopSupport is a Web site that not only sells merchandise, but that also believes  “A Bumper Sticker or T-shirt is NOT enough!” The site posts videos of troops returning home and bonding overseas. Beyond just reading “Support Our Troops,” its merchandise also says “And Their Mission.”


The United States Flag Store also provides American pins. A pin is the perfect subtle accessory to support the troops with while at work in a business suit or just walking around campus. Pin one to your backpack or tote bag, and you’ll be showing your support in style. 

Car Merchandise 


You can’t always display your support for the troops on your person, so your car can take your place! There’s plenty of car merchandise you can sport on your vehicle, from magnets to actual flags. 



After the LiveStrong bracelet became popular a few years back, many organizations have found bracelets to be an effective way to show support for a cause. Supporting our troops is no exception. There is a wide variety of bracelets available, from fancier sterling silver ones to the regular rubber ones.  

For those of you who have family in armed services, this is a great site for you. Items they offer include:

Aprons, Sunglasses, Coozeys, and more...


Supporting the troops can come in many forms. While many send money and care packages, there’s something you can do everyday. You can wear some of this supportive gear to remind others of the heroic acts our troops do to keep us safe.


Rachel Dozier is a senior at James Madison University in the School of Media Arts & Design. She currently serves as the Managing Editor for her on-campus newspaper, The Breeze, and last year she started JMU's only student-run magazine, Port&Main, which won first place in the Best Student Magazine category from the Region 2 Society of Professional Journalists. She is interested in design, fashion, film and theatre. In the future she hopes to either be working as an entertainment writer or as a designer with a major fashion magazine.
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