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Suga Is Releasing A Solo Album Just 5 Days Before His Tour Starts

Please keep calm as I deliver the following news: Suga will release his debut solo album later this month. News like this can’t be avoided without a total freakout (mostly from me), but it’s true: Suga will finally debut the third and final installment in his mixtape trilogy under the alias Agust D, with a pre-release track that dropped on April 7.

Following the announcement of his solo world tour, with the first tour stops in the U.S. starting April 26, BigHit Music issued an official statement on April 2 on social platform Weverse about the upcoming activities for Suga in preparation for his solo release. The statement reads, “Starting with the pre-release track set to drop on April 7, Suga will be engaging with fans through a variety of content, including a documentary and world tour. As Suga embarks on his official solo activities, we kindly request for your support.”

BigHit’s statement follows a series of posts on BTS’ official social media platforms, as well as Suga’s personal Instagram story, in which the official tour poster and album title, both titled D-DAY, were shared with fans. Looking for the most up-to-date information on what to expect from this upcoming album? Look no further because I’ve uncovered all of the information that’s been released so far and possible theories to look out for!

Is there a release date or tracklist for Suga’s album D-Day yet?

BigHit Music announced on their official Twitter account that the D-DAY album will be released on April 21 at 1 p.m. KST/12 a.m. EST. The pre-release single, “People Pt. 2,” dropped on April 7 at 1 p.m. KST/12 a.m. EST. The exciting part? The song features K-pop legend IU, who’s also a past collaborator of Suga’s — the pair worked together on “eight” in 2020. The track title is a reference to the song “People” from his 2020 album D-2. “People” was a fan-favorite, so it’s safe to say people had high expectations for this follow-up — and through the meaningful lyrics of “People Pt. 2,” Suga delivered.

Suga finally released the full album track on April 10 via Instagram. The 10-track album includes the title track release of “Haegeum.” A haegeum is a traditional Korean string instrument, and one of his 2020 solo tracks, “Daechwita,” featured one in the background instrumental.

The album also features some unexpected and exciting collaborations, including none other than BTS member J-Hope, who appears on the song “Huh?!” before his subsequent military enlistment date. That song was also produced by Suga and co-written by the pair. Featuring a BTS member on his solo work is something of a tradition for Suga: Agust D included “Tony Montana” with Jimin, and D-2 featured RM on “Strange.”

Ryuichi Sakamoto, the late world-renowned composer, and Woosung of the K-pop band The Rose appear on track nine: “Snooze.” The album’s final song, “Life Goes On,” was written by Suga as well as BTS members RM and J-Hope. Fans believe that this is Suga finally using his original chorus for the 2020 BTS title track, “Life Goes On,” which did not get chosen for the final production of the song, as Suga mentioned when describing the full story behind their 2020 BE album in a YouTube video.

When is the album preorder available?

Preorders were made available Monday, April 3, 2023, at 11 a.m. KST/ Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 10 p.m. EST, as mentioned in the BigHit Weverse announcement. Preorders available through the Weverse shop, and a Target Exclusive version is only available on the Target website. Both websites will begin shipping on the day the album is released, April 21, with the D-DAY Weverse Album versions shipping on May 11.


For the D-DAY physical copies, there will be a Weverse U.S. exclusive version (standard version) and a Weverse Album version, according to the Weverse shop. Both albums will have the CD, photobook, and lyrics, but with slight differences in the inclusions. The Weverse U.S. exclusive will be available in two separate versions, each with album inclusions such as a poster, graphic stickers, two photocards, and a postcard, among other items. The Weverse version of the D-DAY album will have fewer inclusions, with one photocard, postcard, and QR card.

The Target versions will include the same items as the Weverse U.S. exclusive version, as well as an additional photocard as a Target Exclusive. As an avid K-pop album collector, you can bet I’ll be purchasing every single version of this album.

There’s a fan theory that the title track might have two music videos.

The fan anticipation for Suga’s D-DAY is high, as this unexpected announcement has ARMYs wondering what to expect during this promotional period, as well as the songs scheduled to be performed during his concert showings. A June 2022 Weverse Magazine interview with Suga provides some insight into what’s to come. 

The interview came immediately after BTS announced their hiatus to work on their solo projects.

When asked if his songwriting perspective will influence his solo efforts, Suga revealed, “I was thinking a lot recently that maybe I should shoot two music videos: one just there for the visuals, while the other is more focused on the listening experience. Ah, what should I do? I’m working hard on a follow-up to D-2.”

While it has not yet been confirmed whether Suga will release two music videos in time for the title track or if his pre-release single will connect to the events of his title track. One thing is certain: while I wait for more information, I will undoubtedly stream his entire discography.

This article was originally published on 4/3/23. It was updated on 4/7/23.

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