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student protests at college campus
student protests at college campus
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13 Student Newspapers To Follow For Real-Time Campus Protest Coverage

Since the Israel-Hamas war began in October 2023, student protests have been occurring at colleges across the U.S. (and the world). But they have grown tremendously in the spring 2024 semester due to increased tensions as the war wages on and schools struggle with how to handle the pro-Palestine student encampments that have been set up on many campuses in recent weeks. Students on both sides of the issue have reported facing antisemitism and Islamophobia, as well as threats and violence. Police interventions at school protests have sparked intense debates over whether they’re helping keep campuses safe, or quite the opposite. Some schools have canceled or modified their class schedules and graduation ceremony plans due to the unrest.

The campus demonstrations and clashes are happening so quickly, and at so many schools, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. But in the midst of it all are student journalists who have been reporting in real time, on the ground at their schools to show the world what life as a student is like during this moment in history.

There are tons of student publications that are doing excellent, professional-level reporting to keep others informed. If you’re not sure where to start, follow these 13 student newspapers for campus protest coverage.

The Daily Bruin, University of California Los Angeles

UCLA has been at the forefront of student encampment news, with over 240 confirmed arrests or detainments of protesters from campus. The Daily Bruin is running ongoing coverage of the campus’ encampment, including events like the attack the encampment faced on April 30.

Instagram: @dailybruin

X: @dailybruin

The Tulane Hullabaloo, Tulane University

The Tulane Hullabaloo has been covering the New Orleans school’s encampment, with all recent updates right on the front page of their website. 

Instagram: @tulanehullabaloo

X: @tulanehull

Chicago Maroon, University of Chicago

Student journalists at the Chicago Maroon have been sharing articles about the demonstrations at their school, and have additionally featured a brief history of occupying buildings on campus on their website.

Instagram: @chicagomaroon

X: @chicagomaroon

Columbia Spectator, Columbia University

Columbia University has also been in national news, as this was the first university whose encampment made national news; the school has since canceled its main commencement ceremony as a result of the protests. The Columbia Spectator has articles that discuss the cancellation and more.

Instagram: @columbiaspec

X: @columbiaspec

Washington Square News, New York University

Washington Square News covered a recent citywide march in response to the Israel-Hamas war, and students have written about other updates to the local demonstrations.

Instagram: @nyunews

X: @nyunews

The Daily Texan, University of Texas Austin

The University of Texas made headlines in late April when police moved to forcibly dismantle an encampment on campus. UT Austin’s The Daily Texan has been covering the aftermath of this event and more about the university’s handling of the protests.

Instagram: @thedailytexan

X: @thedailytexan

Daily Collegian, University of Massachusetts Amherst

The pro-Palestine protests have been a consistent news item for the Daily Collegian, with the latest story being about a rally for Rafah that took place on May 7.

Instagram: @mdcollegian

X: @mdcollegian

The Catalyst, Colorado College

Two students from Colorado College wrote an article about a recent student and faculty walkout and teach-in that took place at the school. The Catalyst also has live updates for the ongoing encampment at the school.

Instagram: @catalystnewspaper

X: @catalystnewspaper

Student Life, Washington University in St. Louis

The entire first page of the Student Life website has become dedicated to articles about demonstrations in St. Louis, Missouri. Student journalists are also providing updates about police and administration response to the protests.

Instagram: @studentlifenewspaper

X: @studlife

The Daily Tar Heel, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The Daily Tar Heel provides updates about marches and other demonstrations taking place on the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

Instagram: @dailytarheel

X: @dailytarheel

Yale Daily News, Yale University

There’s a banner across the top of the Yale Daily News website that reads, “Divestment discourse rocks campus.” The banner is accompanied by several articles about the Yale encampment, as well as updates for a recent case about campus antisemitism (which has been a significant crisis across the country in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war).

Instagram: @yaledailynews

X: @yaledailynews

New School Free Press, The New School

The New School Free Press website shares updates about a recently erected encampment on the school’s New York City campus.

Instagram: @nsfreepress

X: @nsfreepress

The Daily Cardinal, University of Wisconsin Madison

The Daily Cardinal provides live updates of the encampment on the UW Madison campus, as well as local government and administration reactions to the demonstrations.

Instagram: @dailycardinal

X: @dailycardinal

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