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K-Pop Stans, ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ Is The Perfect Show For You

In the dynamic world of competitive dance in South Korea, Street Woman Fighter (SWF) emerges as a groundbreaking television series. South Korea, renowned globally for its K-pop phenomenon and dynamic dance scene, provides the perfect backdrop for this series. Here, the dance floor becomes a battleground for eight exceptional female dance crews vying for the coveted title of the top dance crew in the country. 

In this competition, these crews showcase a mesmerizing fusion of dance styles, with each performance being a testament to their dedication and artistry. Alongside the esteemed panel of judges, viewers play a crucial role by voting throughout the show, contributing to the decision-making process that will ultimately crown the No. 1 team. The stakes are high, as the winners will receive a coveted prize of ₩50 million ($36,858) and diamond rings from Amondz. 

The new season, Street Woman Fighter 2, ventures into uncharted territory. Unlike the previous season, which exclusively featured Korean dance crews, Street Woman Fighter 2 has cast its net wider, embracing an international stage. Much like the globally renowned competition World of Dance, in which extraordinary dancers from around the world converge, dancers hailing from various countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and China have united on SWF with their unique styles, infusing a renewed spirit of diversity and fierceness into the show.

Where to watch Street Woman Fighter 2

Since Season 2 began airing in August 2023, new episodes have been released every Tuesday. SWF2 is typically available for streaming on Mnet, a South Korean platform, which requires a VPN to view the episodes. The show also has scenes up on YouTube, with subtitles so those not in Korea or without a VPN can at least watch the performances.

What is the show’s format?

Street Woman Fighter is structured as a tournament-style competition, where dance crews, formed by the contestants themselves, battle head-to-head in dance performances. The battles are judged not only on technical proficiency but also on creativity, stage presence, and teamwork. With each round, the stakes get higher, pushing the contestants to bring their A-game and leave an unforgettable mark on the audience and judges alike.

Who are the SWF2 judges?

The program is hosted by Kang Daniel from Wanna One, with K-pop star Shownu from Monsta X and Monika from Prowdmon, a former contestant on the show, on the panel of dance judges for this season. Moreover, each mission features special guest judge(s) who are renowned figures in the Korean dance industry. Mike Song, a leader and co-founder of the acclaimed dance group Kinjaz, and Aiki, a well-known dancer and choreographer, have graced the show as special judges. Their valuable input and critical perspective add depth to the evaluation process.

Moreover, artists like Stray Kids, Hwasa, and Le Sserafim have been featured as special guests on the show, making each mission even more exciting and challenging for the participating dance crews.

Meet the contestants

The heart and soul of Street Woman Fighter 2 lie in its diverse and immensely talented contestants. Hailing from different backgrounds, cultures, and dance styles, these women bring a unique flavor to the competition. The teams competing this season are 1Million, Bebe, Deep N Dap, Jam Republic, LadyBounce, Mannequeen, Tsubakill, and Wolf’Lo. So far Deep N Dap, Tsubakill, Wolf’Lo, and LadyBounce have been eliminated.

Among the lineup, two standout teams have captured the hearts of global viewers: Jam Republic, an international sensation, and Bebe, led by the renowned dancer and choreographer Bada Lee, a famous dancer in the K-pop industry. Lee has trained some of the K-pop industry’s top dancers, including EXO’s Kai, NCT’s Ten, GOT7, and more. These teams have emerged as fan favorites not only for their exceptional talent and precision but also for the infectious energy, sportsmanship, and creativity they bring to the competition. 

This eclectic mix of dance crews showcases a wide spectrum of experiences and expertise, ranging from seasoned professionals to rising stars. Their journeys, combined with their exceptional dance abilities, add depth and emotional resonance to the show, making Street Woman Fighter not just a dance competition, but a celebration of resilience, passion, and the power of diverse artistic expression.

SWF2‘s Impact and empowerment

The impact of Street Woman Fighter reaches beyond the confines of television, as the choreography featured on the show has sparked viral trends on TikTok. Dance routines like the #SmokeChallenge and #ClickLikeChallenge have captured the attention of audiences worldwide. Icons of the K-pop industry, including Jungkook and V from BTS, Jungwon from Enhypen, Taeyang from BIGBANG, San from Ateez, and Yeonjun and Huening Kai from TXT, have joined in on the fun, adding their own star power.

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