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Stranger Things’ Steve Met Parks & Recreation’s Jean-Ralphio & It Was Glorious

The famously theorized father-son duo—Steve from Stranger Things and Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation—have finally met, documenting their hangout through a series of awesome Twitter photos.

The idea that Steve is Jean-Ralphio’s father surfaced shortly after summer's smash hit Stranger Things was released, when fans noticed the resemblance between Steve Harrington (played by Joe Kerry) and Jean-Ralphio Saperstein (played by Ben Schwartz). Theories began to crop up that Stranger Things and Parks and Rec exist in the same universe, with Steve’s character secretly fathering the notably sketchy but hilarious Jean-Ralphio.

After Ben Schwartz confirmed the theory in this video, the pair quickly came together to catch up on some much-needed father-son bonding.

“Dad and son meet because of the internet,” Schwartz wrote in a Twitter post Tuesday.

During their time together, Steve taught Jean-Ralphio some very important lessons, such as how to shave.

They even wore matching flannel shirts and posed back-to-back like the twins from the iconic flick The Parent Trap. With their swooping dark hair and arched eyebrows, the pair looks almost identical.  

Stranger Things fans can now only hope that Jean-Raphio will make an appearance in season two. 

Kristin Tajlili is a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, where she studied Journalism, Graphic Design and Creative Writing. As an undergraduate she wrote for various different student publications. Kristin also enjoys sleeping, collecting postcards and eating ALL the burritos. Her favorite food is cheese.
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