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Stephanie Beatriz Opens Up About The First Time She Realized She’s Bisexual & It’s Kinda Hilarious

In 2016, Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz came out as bisexual on Twitter. Following her revelation, season five of the show featured Stephanie’s character, Rosa Diaz, coming out as bi herself.

In a new interview with Vulture, Stephanie discussed a little more about her identity, including divulging the first time she knew she was attracted to women.

“My mom took us to see this Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Houston Museum of Art when I was, like, 11. And all I did was stare at the boobs,” she said. “There were boobs everywhere.” HA!

She went on to say that art in general inspired her to explore her relationship with her sexuality. “Museums were probably the root for me because it was free rein to stare at the beautiful bodies in all the paintings. I was obsessed with the Roman era for a long time, and half the ladies had a tit out. Thanks, mom, for my art education/investigation into the world of bisexuality!”

Stephanie has definitely become someone LGBT fans can relate and look up to, and her character is doing the same. The most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduced Rosa to a new love interest, a ride-share driver named Alicia played by none other than Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez. Fans on Twitter were quick to notice Rosa’s immediate reaction to meeting Alicia, known among the community as a “bi panic.”

Here’s to Stephanie candidly opening up about the reality of being bisexual, and to the creators of B99 for allowing Rosa Diaz to do the same!

Kait Wilbur is an aggressively optimistic individual obsessed with sitcoms, indie music, and pop culture in general. She hails from Manito, a rural wasteland in Illinois so small and devoid of life that she took up writing to amuse herself. Kait goes to Butler University to prepare for a career in advertising, but all she really wants to do is talk about TV for a living. You can find her at any given moment with her earbuds in pretending to do homework but actually looking at surrealist memes.