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Starbucks Is Teaming Up With Uber Eats In These Cities & It’s Never Been Easier To Feed Your Caffeine Addiction

If your number one complaint about your AM coffee fix is having to get up and leave your house to get it, hold onto your fave mug. Because Starbucks announced on Tuesday plans to team up with Uber Eats to deliver coffee in six U.S. cities by spring 2019.

According to Starbucks, Uber Eats will partner up with Starbucks Delivers, the company’s in-house delivery service, to bring delivery to San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC. Starting with San Francisco on Tuesday and expanding to the rest of the cities in the next few weeks, the end-game will allow Uber Eats pick-ups at nearly 3,500 branches in the participating areas. 

According to a release from Starbucks, the partnership between your fave coffee place and Uber Eats was a no-brainer — marrying the delivery prowess of Uber Eats with the brand notoriety of (and hunger for) everything the coffee chain has to offer. 

“We know we have untapped customer demand for Starbucks Delivers in the U.S. and starting today, we’re expanding our best-in-class experience to our customers both in and out of our stores,” said Roz Brewer, group president and chief operating officer for Starbucks. “We’re building on key learnings from past delivery pilots and by integrating our ordering technology directly with Uber Eats, we’ve unlocked the ability to bring Starbucks to customers for those times when they’re not able to come to us.”

For folks in the lucky cities affected by the partnership, getting your lazy girl coffee fix is super intuitive and easy: All you gotta do is order via the Uber Eats app (with 95 percent of the regular menu available), fork over the $2.49 booking fee and track your order from preparation to your door. Then you’re just one short and painless human interaction away from being a caffeinated human.

So, like, damn, what a great time to be alive. 

Katherine (or Katie) is the News Editor and resident witch at Her Campus. She first fell in love with journalism while attending SUNY New Paltz ('14). Since then, she has worked on the staffs at MTV News and Bustle writing about politics, intersectional social issues and more before serving as staff researcher at Lady Parts Justice League. Her work has been published in Women's Health, the Daily Dot, Public Radio International (PRI) and WNYC and she's been a regular panelist on a few podcasts (mostly screaming about repro rights.)  She is a Libra with a Taurus moon and a Scorpio ascendant, which either means nothing or everything. She loves strong diner coffee, reading tarot for strangers at the bar and watching the same three horror movie documentaries. She lives in the Hudson Valley with too many animals.     
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