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Starbucks Released A New Holiday Drink To Give Us The Cheer We All Deserve

Are you in need of some jolly holiday-themed news? Are finals or deadlines at work making you dream about all the cookies, spiked eggnog and holiday espresso drinks at Starbucks you’ll be having? Well then clearly you’re in luck because Starbucks always has you covered.

As of today, (yes today!), for a limited time only, there will be a new addition to the addictive lineup of holiday espresso drinks at our go-to safe haven for all things coffee. If you’re in need of a switch-up to your regular order, you need to try the new Juniper Latte at Starbucks this holiday season.

Image via Starbucks

What even is a Juniper Latte? Well, it is basically a combination of sweet orange and mulled spices, to give you a cozy, sitting by the fire type feeling. It’s made up of espresso, steamed milk, juniper syrup, and some pine-citrus sugar to top it off. Basically, this drink is like a spicier fruity, woodsy holiday warmer. You’ll just have to try it to figure out exactly what that means.

Also, starting on December 1st, with every purchase of a handcrafted latte including this Juniper Latte, Starbucks will be donating 20 cents to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS with (RED). So you’re getting a *handcrafted* (how fancy of you) drink AND doing your part. Even more good news, today will bring new holiday-themed mugs (candy cane of course), glitter tumblers and other merchandise which will be the best gifts at any Secret Santa party.

Image via Starbucks

Finally, (there’s a lot of overwhelmingly good news I know) if you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, which we all know most of us are by now, you have another chance to win multiple different prizes by playing Starbucks for Life from today until December 31st. You could literally win Starbucks for Life and this is something we can all admit would seriously help the bank.

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