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Spencer Pratt Is Feeling Salty AF About ‘The Hills’ Anniversary Special

Reality TV regular Spencer Pratt went on a hilarious Twitter rant (look out, Kanye!) detailing how ~little~ he really cares about being excluded from tonight’s anniversary special of “The Hills.” Prompted by a curious fan, Pratt explained frankly that MTV gave him the cold shoulder because he “wasn’t fan fav.”

But it’s totally okay with him because he won’t be watching anyway. He’ll be too busy catching up on his homework, watching paint dry, battling a severe case of food poisoning and shopping (not the LC collection) at Kohl’s.

To be honest, we’re pretty bummed that the bearded wizard won’t be making an appearance but at least his “favorite wife on the earth, planet,” (because that needed clarification), will. Plot twist: she’ll also be live tweeting it, probably putting a real damper in Spencer’s paint-watching plans. 

“The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now” airs tonight on MTV to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the iconic show.

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