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Someone Found A Way To Make Edible Tide Pods Because The Temptation Was Way Too Strong

One of the first memes of 2018 could have been anything, anything at all. But, as it turns out, the temptation of the Tide laundry pods from December was just too strong to let fade away.

People are still joking about eating Tide pods, so one intrepid Tumblr user created a recipe for edible Tide pods.

The recipe is basically molding a bunch of pieces of jello together so that they resemble what the Internet has inexplicably dubbed the “ultimate forbidden snack.” It starts with a tray of plain gelatin poured thinly, either unflavored or flavored with vanilla or a clear soda like Sprite. The blue and orange swirls – if that happens to be your laundry pod type of choice – should be created with berry blue and orange flavored jello, respectively. The white layer is a mixture of gelatin and sweetened, condensed milk, also potentially flavored with either a clear soda or vanilla extract. The pieces are then all molded and melted together and set into the fridge to harden.

Tide pods have been an on-again, off-again item on the meme scene for the past several years. However, this is the first time so many people have been joking about them being a desirable snack. The pods are now even more infamous than they were when it was first discovered toddlers and elderly people with dementia might eat them, and in fact have eaten them and suffered serious health complications or even died. 

So, if you feel you really, truly must reach for the colorful, admittedly somewhat fruit snack-esque Tide pods, make sure they’re the ones that are made from that recipe. Not the real ones that could, you know, kill you.

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