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Somebody Hacked into Grey Sloan Memorial’s Computer Systems, & I Think I Know Who it Was

In last week’s winter finale episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Out of Nowhere,” an anonymous person (or persons) hacked into the digital systems at Grey Sloan, including but not limited to cardiac monitors, medical records and the lock to the blood banks. The person(s) demanded 4,932 bitcoin in exchange for the encryption keys needed to access their systems again, which roughly translates to $20 million (thanks Tim Ruggles, random ass IT guy!).

ABC | Grey’s Anatomy

The feds noted that in hacks such as these, the perpetrators always ask for an amount they believe can actually be paid. Bailey theorized that the hackers demanded so much money because of the new surgical contest the hospital had recently announced, thanks to Avery’s “anonymous” donation. This is definitely the most plausible explanation, but I have another idea. A crazy, unrealistic idea. But, this is Grey’s Anatomy, so I guess I have at least an 80 percent chance of being right.

Hear me out, okay?

I think that Dr. Paul Stadler, Jo’s husband, had something to do with the hack. Stadler, who showed up in the last seconds of the finale, surprised Jo as she was rushing to stop Alex from administering the wrong medication to a little boy. Is the hack not the perfect cover for him to sneak into the hospital and track her down? While everything is in chaos, running from one end of the hospital to the other in desperation to get things done, he could just casually walk in and observe his surroundings until he found her, just outside an elevator. How could that possibly be a coincidence????

ABC | Grey’s Anatomy

Oh man, am I losing my mind over this—his timing is just too perfect.

Back in August, Matthew Morrison told The Argonaut that he would be coming back to Grey’s Anatomy in a big way, and given that entrance there are no surprises here. 

In a world where, historically, abusers have gotten off lightly and are just now starting to come under actual fire for their crimes, let’s hope Dr. Stadler, who is decidedly unworthy of that title, comes to swift justice. Knowing Shonda Rhimes, he’s going to get what’s coming to him sooner or later. They always do.  

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