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Simone Biles Makes History, Becomes 1st Woman to Win 4 All-Around World Titles

Simone Biles made history as the first woman to win four all-around titles after she took home her fourth world championship title at the 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships on Thursday.

Biles, who skyrocketed to fame as a member of the “Final Five” women’s gymnastics team that took home a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics, scored 57.491 during the competition in Doha, Qatar, despite falling twice, ultimately beating out Mai Murakami of Japan by 1.7 points, PEOPLE reports. The gymnast is the first woman to earn four all-around titles, winning every single time that she has competed.

While Biles, 21, may have stumbled twice during her all-around final, the judges rewarded her for the level of difficulty she attempted, according to reports.

Biles wrote in an Instagram post that she had “so many emotions” and that since it had been “less than a year since I got back into training so I try not to be too hard on myself.”

“Although I still placed 1st and MADE HISTORY I’m not entirely pleased with my performance. I’m still trying to find my confidence. But I won’t give up ?? I’m proud of myself! —> now onto finals,” Biles added.

According to ABC News, after receiving her medal, Biles told reporters, “It’s not the gymnast that I am, to go out there and kind of bomb a meet like this. Even though I won, I wish it were a little bit different.”

“It just sucks that I did so bad and I still won,” Biles added. “I wish it could not happen. You have to earn it, and I’m not sure I earned it tonight.”

Biles’ victory comes just days after the U.S. women’s gymnastic team won the world title and secured a spot at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The gymnast revealed in a tweet last week that she had been hospitalized prior to the competition.

“Nothing like a late night ER visit less than 24 hrs before world championships,” Biles wrote on Twitter. “This kidney stone can wait…. doing it for my team! I’ll be gucci girls!”

She also shared her selfie of herself in a hospital bed to her Instagram, captioned the picture, “This kidney stone has nothing on world championships.”

And clearly it didn’t. Despite what Simone thinks of her performance, we think she is incredible. Congrats to Simone on her fourth (and history making) all-around title!

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