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This Shy Kevin James Meme Is Taking Over Social Media & I Can’t Stop Laughing

Twitter has a new meme obsession, and this time, it’s comedian Kevin James. If that name rings a bell, it’s probably because James was in a number of fan-favorite comedies like Zookeeper, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Grown Ups, The King of Queens, and so many more! The irony of this situation is that most of the pictures being used for memes aren’t from any of James’ acting projects — in fact, it’s just a regular Getty image that James did for The King of Queens promo, and honestly, that makes it so much funnier. This random “shy Kevin James” meme has taken the internet by storm, and although no one is sure what’s keeping it going, hopefully, it doesn’t slow down any time soon. 

At this point, it’s quite on-brand for Twitter to take celebrities’ random internet pictures and make memes out of them. Earlier this year, during February and March, the meme jokes were pictures of comedian Kevin Hart, and the tweets ranged from jokes about relationships and friendships to jobs and so much more. Although a lot of people were confused why all of a sudden Hart became a meme, they just brushed it off and decided to join in on the fun. This time, because people were already aware that this is a recurring thing on social media, there were no questions asked as to why James was suddenly becoming a meme — instead, social media users dove right in and made some memes of their own. Here are a few Kevin James memes that have me laughing out loud… literally. 

Twitter user Josh Black used the image and tweeted, “Me after hitting no tip and turning the tablet back around.” Andy From 5 To 7 tweeted, “Me after 1 double rum and diet.” Same. @imsoshive_ said, “When I cook for new people and somebody say, ‘Damn, you made this?!'” @superbloom_ chimed in with, “How I look when I beg my friends to take a pic of me.” @gracesftdt tweeted, “Me when my friend posts a screenshot of our text messages on their story so everyone can see how funny i am.” Ahh, shy Kevin James, you are a winner.

Kevin James was quick to jump in on the joke himself. He posted the image to his Instagram and used it to promote a fake stand-up tour. He captioned his post, “Gearing up for my new Stand Up Tour… so happy I found this headshot.”

To make these memes that much better, Leah Remini, James’ co-star in The Kings of Queens sitcom, tweeted that she’s seen the memes and that she finds them hilarious. Hopefully, she’s shared them with James, so he can publicly react to them as well! Overall, these memes definitely show the funnier and harmless side of social media, from Kevin Hart to Kevin James. Although no one has a clue whose picture may become the next internet meme, I will definitely be ready to join in on the fun.

Diamond Moore is a Style contributor for the Her Campus national team. She writes articles about beauty, style, and decor. Beyond contributing for Her campus, Diamond is also a Newsbreak contributor, where she has her own page that keeps readers updated on the latest news regarding celebrity and pop culture. She recently earned her Bachelor's Degree in Media Communication from Saint Xavier University in May 2023. Diamond's favorite hobbies include watching Netflix documentaries, creating video and audio productions, and doing freelance photography. She is a big Marvel geek, and hopes to one day become a successful movie producer or creative director and have her own media company.