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Show Off Your Post-Vote Glow Selfies On Insta With Our Bad-Ass New .GIFs

In case you need one more reason to get your a** out and vote tomorrow, Her Campus has created two new.GIFs to add to your Insta story before and after voting. We all know the classic “I Voted!” photo, but now you have two more options to add to your perfectly curated post to show all of your friends and family.

Snap your best selfie, search Her Campus in Gif and tap your choice of the two. What better way to encourage your friends to get to the polls than having a cute and flashing sign pointing them there?

First, for all of your followers that need that extra push, there’s now a “fucking vote” .gif sticker — which is the perfect amount of persuasion. I mean who can say “no” now?


Secondly, we have the classic, post-vote glow. Quickly take a bunch of selfies, choose your favorite and add this gif on top to make sure everyone knows what your power stance is for.


You have one more day to make it count, so get out to the polls with your girl gang to take that perfect post-vote selfie (and double check that it’s legal in your state before you try any kind of ballot selfie!), and while you’re at it influence everyone else on your social media to make sure they fulfill this responsibility. Happy selfie taking!

Greer is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Queen's U and a News x Social intern for Her Campus. She is a fourth year Political Science major with a Sociology minor. She is from the US of A but still has maple syrup running through her blood. Her most acknowledged skills include eating an entire jar of Nutella in one day and watching Buzzfeed videos for up to 8 hours straight.