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kaz and inej in shadow and bone season 2
kaz and inej in shadow and bone season 2
Timea Saghy/Netflix
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8 Kaz & Inej Moments From ‘Shadow & Bone’ Season 2 That Prove They’re Soulmates

Kaz and Inej have the Shadow and Bone fanbase in a chokehold. As the most popular couple (that’s not actually a couple) in the Grishaverse, the two Crows steal the spotlight from Alina and Mal in Season 2.

Their doomed love had show watchers hooked in the first season and has kept book lovers invested in a potential third Six of Crows book since 2018. Thankfully, the new season of the Leigh Bardugo adaptation, which hit Netflix screens on March 16, gives us slivers of what could be. These are the top Kaz and Inej moments from Shadow and Bone Season 2 that prove they’re just meant to be. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Shadow and Bone Season 2 follow.

Kaz gave up The Crow Club for Inej’s freedom.

Going all the way back to 2021’s pilot episode, Kaz puts his home — The Crow Club — up as collateral in exchange for Inej’s freedom from the menagerie. Now, a season later in Episode 1, it’s time to pay up for a failed job and he’s not willing to lose his wraith. He gives up his home, steals a fortune and mauls his enemies to keep Inej safe. He’s not going to let her be forced into sexual slavery. After Kaz comes back into his money, he offers to buy out any indentured servant’s contract to help them avoid Inej’s fate. He does all of this without telling Inej, of course.

Inej is the only one who demands answers from Kaz after he disappears.
kaz and inej in shadow and bone season 2

When Kaz’s past comes back to haunt him, he hides. The brave, headstrong gang leader can’t cope with his childhood trauma and he doesn’t want anyone asking questions about his behavior. He’s cruel and cutting in meetings with the Crows, calling them “pawns” in his masterplan and refusing to explain himself to Jesper and Nina’s prying eyes. Inej is the only one who angrily asks him to his face what’s wrong in Episode 2, and she’s the only one who holds him accountable when she’s trying to comfort him. Everyone else is too scared.

Inej will destroy Pekka Rollins for Kaz’s brother. And she prays for Jordie, too.
kaz and inej in shadow and bone season 2

Once Kaz opens up to Inej in Episode 3, she vows her loyalty to him and to his mission to get vengeance for his brother without hesitation. Kaz holds his breath, unsure if Inej will approve of his personal vendetta, and she tells him she’ll make sure his enemies die screaming for what they did to him. Also, when she prays for her forgiveness, she lets Kaz know she prays for Jordie in the afterlife, too.

Kaz takes off his gloves and tries to help Inej bandage herself.

This was the Kanej scene that sealed the deal for Six of Crows readers. Kaz can’t touch people without being overwhelmed by his anxiety. But after a nasty fight in Episode 2, Inej has two deep knife wounds in her arms. She can’t quite wrap them in gauze herself without some difficulty. And Kaz, terrified after thinking he almost lost her, takes off his gloves and picks up the bandages to help.

Nina and Jesper know what’s up and they want to talk about it.

A new job is up for grabs in Shu Han in Episode 5. Kaz doesn’t tell Inej about the plan and he doesn’t want her to know any information about the gang’s whereabouts. He won’t let her come on their mission and he doesn’t want to see Inej waste her new start on life with him. Inej confides in Nina she’s unsure why Kaz won’t let her come work on their new job. Nina and Jesper quickly exchange a knowing look. Well, Nina explains, it’s probably easier for Kaz to push Inej away than to put her in more danger. Jesper is just glad the team finally acknowledged Kaz has it bad for Inej.

Inej follows Kaz instead of her mark.
kaz and inej in shadow and bone season 2
Timea Saghy/Netflix

When hunting for Neshyenyer in Episode 7, Inej is tasked with following Sankta Neyar after a negotiation goes awry. But, before she slips into the shadows, she sees Nina accidentally touch Kaz’s hand. His gloves were taken off to show respect during the meeting so he has no defense against the touch that makes him feel so afraid. He runs into the nearest alley to collect himself, forgetting his gloves by the Heartrenderer. Inej abandons Neyar and sets off down the alley to get Kaz his gloves back.

The dream sequence.

Poisoned and dying in Neyar’s trap, The Crows fall into a dreamscape in Episode 7. Jesper sees his mother and gets closure he never knew he needed. Kaz sees his brother who screams about how awful Kaz has grown to be. Tolya sees Tamar impaled with his own sword. Inej sees Kaz. Gloves off, asking her to stay with him, showing her how much he loves her. When he leans down to kiss her, that’s when Inej realizes she’s stuck in a trap. She knows Kaz would never. 

Kaz gives Inej the list of auctioneers.

Kaz knows Inej can’t be bound to his side forever. No matter how much he wants her to stay, he needs her to leave because he needs her to be happy. At the end of Season 2, he hands Inej a list of auctioneers. Kaz has been searching for Inej’s family — the family that slavers stole her from as a child. He gives her a headstart on finding her home again, and that’s the best thing he could’ve done for her. 

Kanej on page and on screen breaks our hearts again and again. With jurda parem closing out Season 2, we can keep our hopes up for a highly likely Kaz and Inej reunion scene in a potential Season 3.

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