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Just A Bunch Of Facts About Sexyy Red, The Internet’s Latest Obsession

Social media has launched the careers of many up-and-coming artists, and Sexyy Red is one of those people. The St. Louis native, who first gained attention in 2019, is now one of the most talked about rappers of 2023 — and it’s all thanks to the internet. Sexyy Red’s rap career began when she made a diss track about a cheating boyfriend. Once her music started circulating through St. Louis, people began to book the rapper to play at house parties. She was soon encouraged to pursue a career in music.  

In 2021, Sexyy Red released her first mixtape, Ghetto Superstar. After dropping her latest album, Hood Hottest Princess (which contained “Pound Town” featuring Nicki Minaj), in June 2023, Sexyy Red quickly became a viral sensation. Not only is her music being streamed by millions and frequently featured in TikTok videos, but Sexyy Red’s career has also led her to work with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

From her upbringing in Missouri to her viral music and social media posts, here are some additional facts about Sexyy Red. 

Sexyy Red’s Real Name

Red was born Janae Nierah Wherry. While in middle school, the rapper’s nickname was “Red” because she used to wear red hair and wore red clothes. She later added “Sexyy” when launching her rap career. 

“When I started rapping, I didn’t know what name I should use, and my cameraman was like, ‘What about Sexyy Red, because you’re sexy and your name’s Red?’ I’m like, ‘OK. I like that,’” she told Complex in May 2023. “We was putting different stuff in front of Red at first, but then when he said Sexyy, I’m like, it fits.”

Sexyy Red’s Friendship With Summer Walker

Being one of the most popular rappers of 2023, it’s no surprise that Sexyy Red is friends with celebrities. One of her besties is singer Summer Walker, who she collaborated with on “Sense Dat God Gave You”. 

“Me and her met on Instagram first, and she was f*cking with my music,” Red told Complex. “I used to see her posting my songs all the time and she thought I was funny, too … So she started following me. Then she invited me to her slumber party that she had with all her friends and stuff. And then we just kept hanging out after. Then we did a song later down the line. Now if one of our kids have a birthday party, we’d be like, OK, come to the party or sh*t like that. Now we’re cool.”

Sexyy Red’s photos Drake and Tyler The Creator went viral

ICYMI, Sexyy Red had two social media posts go viral within a few days of each other. She first shared a photo of herself cozying up to Drake on Aug. 16. 

On Aug. 22, the rapper posted a photo with Tyler The Creator, who she ran into backstage at Drake’s concert in Los Angeles. “My dreams came tru,” she wrote on Twitter. She also shared a video of them hugging.

Where to follow Sexyy Red

You can stay updated on Sexyy Red’s success and rap career through her social media accounts. She’s very active on her Instagram, which has approximately 1.7 million followers, as well as TikTok and Twitter. She’s always posting her music and backstage experiences. 

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