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Wait, Is Selena Gomez Coming Out With A New Album?

Selena Gomez wasn’t sure she was ready to tell her story in her new documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, which is now available to watch exclusively on Apple TV+ (and if you don’t have Apple TV+, don’t worry — Gomez is offering a free two-month trial!). But Gomez decided to share her story anyway as a raw and purposeful attempt to make others feel less alone in their struggles. Along with her documentary, Gomez also released her new song “My Mind & Me,” which plays throughout the film — and in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone on Nov. 3, the singer teased that a new album may be in the works. OMG! 

The 30-year-old pop star and actress has gone through her own mental health struggles — many of which were highly publicized and put on display in front of the entire world. But in her documentary and her song “My Mind & Me,” Gomez shares that there’s power in being vulnerable. “‘My Mind & Me’ is a little sad,” she said to Rolling Stone, talking about the documentary, “but it’s also a really nice way of putting a button on the documentary part of life, and then it’ll just be fun stories of me living my life and going on dates and having conversations with myself.” 

Gomez shared that she co-wrote her song “My Mind & Me” with the pop production team Monsters and Strangerz that appears in her documentary, and that she’s currently working on more new songs. In fact, Gomez already has 24 songs — yes, 24 songs! — written that she’s working on cleaning up for a new album in the works. She even told Rolling Stone that she may start recording them by the end of 2022. So, my question is, could this mean that a new Gomez album will come out in 2023? It could very well be possible, TBH. 

In an interview with Vulture, Gomez shared more juicy deets about her new album. “We’ve actually been working for years on this new record, only because I want to be able to grow through my music,” Gomez shared. “I am the person who’s terrified of what will happen once it’s out, so I want it to be really well done and representative of where I am. There is a bunch of fun stuff that I’m so eager to leak, if I’m being honest. I shall not. But I’m so excited. It’ll be fun and refreshing, I think.” Please leak it, Selena! 

Gomez added to Rolling Stone, “I feel like it’s going to be an album that’s like, ‘Oh, she’s not in that place anymore; she’s actually just living life.’”

Gomez’s last album, Rare, dropped back in 2020, and her single “Calm Down” with Rema also released in 2020. Since then, Gomez has taken a major detour from music, instead focusing on her pandemic cooking show Selena + Chef and Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. She’s also been preoccupied with her beauty brand Rare Beauty, as well as, you know, just living her life. Gomez recently moved to New York City, where she’s been easing into a new routine and focusing on herself and her happiness. And honestly? I love that for her. (Also, if I spot Gomez at one of my favorite coffee shops, I will literally stop breathing.)

Whatever Gomez’s album ends up being, I’ll be fully behind her — and I know her fans will be, too.

Zoë is a writer and recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English. Formerly, she was an associate editor at Her Campus, where she covered Gen Z pop culture, beauty and style trends, and everything in between. When she's not writing or editing, Zoë can be found reading, sipping coffee, and exploring new places in California.