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The Search for Lauren Spierer Enters Day Six with No New Leads

It is now day six in the search for Indiana University student Lauren Spierer. The blonde, petite fashion student was last seen walking home alone from a friend’s apartment early Friday morning. At a press conference this morning, Bloomington, Ind. Police had no breakthroughs to report.

Blair Wallach of Closter, NJ met Spierer at Camp Towanda in 2000. The two have been best friends ever since, and roommates at IU for the past two years. Wallach describes her missing best friend to Her Campus as “the most loyal, loving, amazing friend. She’s the type of person you want to be around when you’re upset because she will always find a way to cheer you up.”

In an effort to help find Spierer, Wallach and friends have been using social media platforms to get the word out there. Wallach says that the Facebook and Twitter accounts about Spierer were created by her friends at IU. In addition to these accounts, Wallach has been accepting Facebook friend requests at all hours and keeping her Facebook as up to date as possible. Her twitter account has become one of the main ones constantly posting updates about Spierer. “My twitter is now public and I would love if people would continue to follow me and keep retweeting,” Wallach says. Follow Wallach at: @blairwallach.

The twitter account @NewsOnLaurenS, has over 11,000 followers. The Facebook profile, Lauren Spierer Missing, has over 4,800 friends, and an event “URGENT! Please help spread the word about Lauren Spierer’s disappearance!” has just under 140,000 people attending. Wallach says she and the others behind the social media efforts hoped it would help promote Spierer’s story to the national level. “The more people who know, the better,” Wallach says.

Their social media efforts have paid off, landing Spierer’s story at top-tier news shows such as FOX, CNN, and ABC. Celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest have even tweeted about Spierer.

Unfortunately, while their efforts have resulted in national media attention, they have not managed to get any new leads on Spierer’s whereabouts. Bloomington police did manage to piece together the series of events leading up to Spierer’s disappearance. Spierer left Kilroy’s Sports Bar at around 2:30am Friday with a male “buddy,” where she left her shoes and cell phone. The two headed back to her apartment, but did not enter the building, but continued on to a friend’s apartment building nearby. A friend watched Lauren leave this building to return home at around 4:30am. However, surveillance videos at Lauren’s apartment show that she never arrived. Lauren’s keys were found on the path between the two apartment buildings. However, police are not sure when Lauren dropped the keys.

Please do your part in the search for Spierer:
Follow: @NewsOnLaurenS on Twitter

Friend: Lauren Spierer Missing

Join the group: Missing: Lauren Spierer

Attend the event: Urgent! Please help spread the word about Lauren Spierer’s disappearance!

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