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Sara Snedeker: Columbia University Senator

Name: Sara Snedeker
Year: 2012
School: Barnard College
Major: Political Science

Hometown: Manhasset, NY

Relationship Status: In a relationship

On-Campus Activities: University Senate, Delta Gamma VP Finance, Barnard Admissions 

Off-campus activities: None currently; I have interned at a political consulting firm, the state attorney general office, and a criminal defense law firm.

Favorite class you’ve taken at Columbia: I took “Reacting to the Past” my first semester and “Reacting to the Past II” last spring. These are the only classes that I have ever walked into knowing no one and finished the semester with several new friends. If you are looking for something totally different than a typical class, definitely take it! 

Favorite professor you’ve had at Columbia: I think Dorian Warren and his skinny ties are awesome.

Pet-Peeves: People who can’t fulfill commitments.

Dream Job: I’m undecided on an industry, but the office environment means a lot to me. I want to do fulfilling work with people who are driven and intelligent, but also can have some fun when the time is right.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, you would need: My iPad, a big bed with a down quilt, and an unlimited supply of vaseline. Don’t ask!

Every girl needs these three things in her closet: Riding boots, comfortable skinny jeans, and tons of day to night tops.

Your perfect date in 7 words or less: Good wine, good food, lots of laughs

Favorite off-campus location: Museum of Natural History

Favorite thing about NYC: Walking 20 blocks and going through 3 completely different neighborhoods. And the fact that you could go to a different restaurant for lunch and dinner every day and never run out!

Spirit Animal: Ummm… a really cute and curious dog?

Dream husband: Thoughtful, committed, ambitious, sexy, and challenges me to be the best person I can be.

One thing you want to do before graduating: Go to Hewitt late night with friends from freshman year.

Top three albums/songs of all time: I don’t know about all time, but my most played albums are: Songs About Jane, Sgt. Pepper’s, and Born this Way.

If you could have a super power what would it be and why: Teleportation would make life a lot more efficient. 

If you could invite anyone to dinner, you would ask: This is hard – probably someone from the future.

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