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Ryan Reynolds Continues to Channel Deadpool During a Performance of ‘Tomorrow’ & I’m Dead

Ryan Reynolds has a diverse acting repertoire, from playing the OG f*ckboy in Just Friends to voice acting in The Croods. However, it’s clear Reynolds was meant to portray on-screen superhumans and knife-wielding baddies. Before he donned that hideous animated green suit in Green Lantern, Reynolds developed an extensive resume as a vigilante—from Hannibal King in Blade Trinity to pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Nevertheless, most people can agree that Ryan Reynolds was basically born to play Deadpool, and that destiny was only solidified when the comic book anti-hero described himself as “Ryan Reynolds crossed with a shar-pei” in 2004. (Talk about breaking the fourth wall.) After belting out “Tomorrow” on a Korean singing show, Reynolds muddled the line between himself and Deadpool even more.

While promoting Deadpool 2, Reynolds surprised an audience full of people with his performance of “Tomorrow” from Annie. Marie Claire reports that Reynolds auditioned for a famous singing competition in South Korea called King of Masked Singer.

We’re not sure if the judges of the singing show were mesmerized by Reynolds’s vocals or his glistening attire. After all, it took maximum effort to pull off that glittery unicorn mask and his matching iridescent cape, complete with rainbow lining. Honestly, we’re jealous of Deadpool’s Reynolds’s fashion sense.

Entertainment Weekly notes that at the end of the song, Reynolds finally took off his mask, and completely surprised the audience members, fellow contestants and judges. “Hello everybody. I’m so sorry about that song,” Reynolds told the audience. Uh, no need to apology Mr. Reynolds. (Can we have a Deadpool musical now?)

Nevertheless, it’s no surprise that Reynolds would cosplay as a unicorn to conceal his identity, seeing as there are few things that Deadpool obsesses over more than chimichangas, Thor, and Spider-man. Well, except for unicorns, according to Metro.

TBH, it’s impossible to tell the difference between Ryan Reynolds and Wade Wilson. Is Reynolds a pseudonym from Wilson? Is Ryan Reynolds Wilson’s stripper name? Or does Ryan Reynolds even exist?

Regardless, this perplexing paradox isn’t surprising, since, initially, Wade Wilson was basically created as a satirical parody on DC Comics’s Slade Wilson. While we continue to scour Twitterverse for clues that Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, we still need to find the perf supplies to recreate this magical look, so we can watch Deadpool 2 on May 18 in style.

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