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Ryan Bergara’s Wife Marielle Scott Is The Coolest & I’m Officially A Fan

Watcher is back and bigger than ever with many new series on the way for 2023! Watcher is a production studio popular on YouTube founded by Buzzfeed Unsolved‘s Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej as well as Buzzfeed Worth It‘s Steven Lim. 2022 was a big year for the company — or, at least, one of the founders because he got married to a familiar face. Ryan Bergara is a big name in the internet space, but did you know he was dating and is now married to Marielle Scott? Scott has acted in popular movies and TV shows, as well as appearing in a few Watcher videos.

They have a very cute and relatable relationship that you can see through their pictures and videos on social media. The couple even made a quick cameo in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania! Since Bergara is on YouTube, fans get to know him better and see his personality throughout every video, but I’ve always been curious to know more about his wife. If you’ve been wondering too, here is all the piping hot tea about Scott.

Who is Ryan Bergara’s wife, Marielle Scott?

Scott is a SAG-nominated actress, writer, and producer who is best known for playing Shelly Yuhan in the Ocsar-nominated film Lady Bird. She has a significant social media following, with over 64,000 followers on her Instagram @marielle_scott.

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, it’s no surprise that Scott fell in love with acting at a young age. At six years old, Scott performed in her first play and told her mom that this is what she wanted to do in life. With that her mom put her in acting classes and she had no backup plan, acting was her only future which she has been accomplishing for many years now and slaying our screens. 

In addition to acting, Scott had a short-lived podcast called Lettuce Help which she co-hosted with Natasha Kaneda. The podcast was an advice show that ran from 2020 to 2021. The show has a five-star rating on Apple Podcasts and there has been no official announcement about the show ending, so maybe there is still a chance that it will come back one of these days.

You’ve seen Marielle Scott in movies and shows like You and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

You’ve definitely seen Scott before, as her IMDb page is full of acting credits including Lady Bird, You, All My Life, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania for a quick cameo with Bergara, and much more. She also has two producing and writing credits: Scott is the executive producer and writer of a short called Just the Two of Us, and she’s credited as an executive producer and writer for two episodes of the TV show Phine Wine

She’s made several appearances on the Watcher channel.

Of course, we’ve also seen Scott on our computer screens with Bergara. In 2020, Scott was interviewed by her husband in a Watcher series called Spooky Small Talk. This video let us learn a little more about the actress, including her obsession with coffee. She also spoke about the need for body positivity in the industry she works in. But beyond the more serious stuff, you should watch this video for the hilarious scared reactions.

Additionally, I have to mention how Scott has played a part in some of the best Watcher series. She introduced the Watcher team to her friend Ricky’s mixology talents, which led to his series called Worth a Shot on their YouTube channel. She has also given some of her own talents to the YouTube channel, as she voiced the character Hasumi in an episode of the Watcher series Are You Scared?

Bergara and Scott’s relationship timeline is so sweet.

Scott and Bergara’s love story starts with a dating app. The two matched on Hinge in 2018 and on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018 (how cute is it that they remember the exact date?), they went on their first date that led to a relationship.

On April 25, 2021, Bergara popped the question and the two got engaged in a strawberry field. 

A year later, the two posted their engagement photos and didn’t disappoint in showing their relatable love story, as Scott sat in the bath with Bergara enjoying a good book right next to her on the toilet (he was not using said toilet, BTW).

The big day took place in Santa Barbara, California on July 30, 2022. Brides got an exclusive interview about the special day, with many beautiful photos of the bride and groom. The day even included a beautiful touch in reference to their engagement: Strawberry boxes were used as the escort cards for their guests and the pair were gifted custom shoes from a friend named Blake Barash that was “strawberry milk and cream”-themed. The night ended with an after-party that included a Taco Bell truck, a DJ, and a send-off to their honeymoon in Bora Bora! The two are only getting cuter by the minute as they took their first trip to Disney World together as Mr. & Mrs. Bergara.

Congratulations to the happy couple and I hope that we get to see the pair collaborate more, whether that is in a Watcher video or another cameo in a Marvel movie.

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