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Running Scavenger Hunt…!

Hey HerCampus beauties!

As I mentioned in my vlog earlier, today I went on another run! I wanted to make this run different than my run on Tuesday, because I am a bit A.D.D. (not officially… but I swear I am! haha), and that applies to my workouts – if I do the same thing too many times, I get bored!

So to make sure I don’t get sick of running just yet, I decided to make today’s run a scavenger hunt! I grabbed my digital camera, strapped it around my wrist, and hunted for cool/pretty/unique things that sparked my interest while I ran!

It was a beautiful sunny day outside, so everything was already pretty… but here’s some of the things I found that I found especially lovely!

Spotted: pretty pink flowers! (my favorite color!)

Spotted: cute ducks!

Spotted: Fall!

Spotted: beautiful trees and pond!

Spotted: someone cute and tiny lost a cute and tiny shoe! :(

Spotted: sunshine peaking through in mid-October!

Spotted: girl (probably a HerCampus reader!) relaxing on the Common, with her dog (I miss my puppy!)

Spotted: another really cool tree!

Spotted: my new New Balance shoes! So comfy and light-weight! Oh, and I got another compliment on them today!

Spotted: me trying to take pictures of myself while running – note my phone in my hand, playing Pandora… Today’s Pandora station: Britney Spears (definitely motivational! and made me run faster…)!

Spotted: me still taking pictures of myself running! Safe or no? Hmm… People on the Boston Common definitely thought I was crazy!

And last (but not least!), I got a random tourist passerby to take this one of me… I felt like a tourist myself!

Taking pictures on my run was really fun, because it gave me a task to think about instead of thinking about how hard I was breathing, how sore my legs were, or how hungry I was. It was also great because it made me think so positively during my entire workout – I was genuinely looking for good things around me. As a college senior, I often find myself thinking “ugh, get me out of this city!” – not because I don’t like Boston, but because I’m missing home and starting to get anxious to graduate and be done with school. But by going on my own little scavenger hunt around downtown Boston, I subconsciously forced myself to find some beautiful and unique things about the city I go to school in. Which was excellently refreshing!

College Girl Tip of the Day (#2): If you find yourself getting sick of doing the same type of workout each day, switch it up! You don’t necessarily have to start taking pictures of yourself like a crazy person while you run (you can leave that up to me if you want!), but at least switch what music you’re listening to (I’m going to choose a different Pandora station every run!), try to count how many of something you see (i.e. how many dogs, how many squirrels – whatever you feel like counting!), or whatever else you can think of (leave a comment below with your ideas!).

Until next time, happy almost weekend!

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Cassidy Quinn Brettler graduated from Emerson College in May. She's from Seattle, WA. As a major in Broadcast Journalism and Acting, Cassidy has done all kinds of things, including interning at NBC News in Los Angeles, anchoring and producing campus news shows, and even covering the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games! She was also the Merchandising Chair and PR/Social Media Chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Alpha Chapter, and is a huge fan of all sports. She's also a social media nerd, so if you can't find her outside jumping in puddles (like a true Seattle girl!), you can find her Tweeting from all over Boston. Since graduation, Cassidy's been searching for jobs, involving reporting, video blogging, and Tweeting - maybe even all at the same time...!
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