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Republicans Won’t Let the Clinton Email Scandal Disappear

Although Attorney General Loretta Lynch heeded FBI Director James Comey’s advice in not prosecuting Hillary Clinton, and the legal battle is mostly over, the Democratic candidate’s infamous email scandal isn’t going away any time soon. CNN promises that the GOP campaign will do everything they can to remind voters of the scandal up until November.

Clinton’s tricky email scandal highlights her largest in the words of CNN, trustworthiness. Her claim that she has better judgment than competitor Donald Trump is quickly being discredited, and her lack of honesty is really turning off some voters.

It is likely that Trump and his fellow Republicans will cater to this, and do everything they can to further Clinton’s dishonest appearance.

While the GOP hopes to diminish Americans’ trust in her once and for all, Clinton’s campaign spokesperson, Brian Fallon, says the whole situation is all a hoax.

He told CNN, “For weeks Republicans have said they trusted FBI Director Comey to lead an independent review into Secretary Clinton’s emails, but now they are second-guessing his judgment because his findings do not align with their conspiracy theories.”

Either way, it seems that this major scandal is nothing more than a huge campaign vulnerability for Clinton: it is unlikely that she will ever face punishment for her actions.

“While the lack of a forthcoming indictment saved her campaign from certain ruin,” wrote Shane Ryan, a contributor to Paste magazine, “the Republicans are in a strong position to keep the spotlight shining on her from now until November.”

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