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Racist Texas A&M Student Made Fun Of Black High Schoolers; Has Now Left School

A student suspected of taunting a group of visiting high schoolers with racial slurs at Texas A&M University has left campus, according to the school. The university announced that its investigation was complete on Wednesday.

“One of the many students interviewed is no longer associated with Texas A&M,” University President Michael Young said in a statement, according to Reuters. The university had looked into the report that a student or a group of students hurled racist comments at high school students touring the college from Uplift Hampton Preparatory charter school in Dallas. Fox 4 News reported that one student from Texas A&M showed off her Confederate flag earrings, while other white students shouted “Go back from where you came from.” 

No charges will be filed by the school, although its president described the incident as heartbreaking and intolerable. Texas A&M could not release details on the student who left campus due to privacy laws, according to KHOU News.

In addition to the student leaving the school, President Young called for increased respect for diversity on campus, including mandatory diversity seminars for all students.

“As a leading institution of higher education, we are the vanguard in affecting positive change on the attitudes and actions of future generations…We are called upon to lead our communities and make a difference because the consequences of such acts are intolerable. This change is essential in our ability to thrive and grow as our world diversifies,” Young said in a statement.

University statistics showed that Texas A&M is only 4 percent black. Diversifying campuses and teaching students to respect each other is the only way to awful incidents like this one.

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