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Rachel Lindsay Had ~Thoughts~ About an Article That Said She ‘Failed’ at Finding the Love of Her Life

Rachel Lindsay has made it very clear that if you say something about her that she doesn’t agree with, you’re going to hear from her. The latest instance was in response to a BET article in which a reporter wrote, “Lindsay stunned America by nailing the title of America’s first Black Bachelorette and then epicly failing at scoring the love of her life.” Bold words for someone who doesn’t know Rachel personally, which the former Bachelorette was quick to point out on Twitter.  

“Come on now @BET,” she wrote. “We’re still on this. If u want to write an article about me then sit down and interview me. Get to know me off camera too.”

The article in question was about Rachel’s second runner-up, Eric Bigger, but it seems there’s no bad blood between them. She continued in another tweet, “But if @BET has to write a negative article about me to tear me down in order to build Eric up, then I’ll take that. He is a great guy!”

That doesn’t mean she’s okay with the article’s contents, though. “U could have written a positive article about w/o bashing my relationship and me. Your negativity took away from the positivity that is Eric,” she concluded.

Rachel and her fiancé, Bryan Abasolo, have pretty much been on the defensive since the Bachelorette finale aired and fan favorites Eric Bigger and Peter Krause were sent home. But Rachel has always stood up to those criticizing her decision and relationship. 

The day after the finale aired, Rachel told us during a press call that Bryan is sincere, despite viewers thinking otherwise. “I could understand how maybe someone said [he wasn’t sincere] on the first night, but watching Bryan throughout the season, it baffles my mind how you could still say that he’s not sincere. I mean, this is the most sincere and genuine man that I know.”

Kudos to Rachel for sticking to her guns. It was reality TV after all, so what we saw probably wasn’t the whole story. As long as she’s happy, who are we to judge?

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