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Pump that Iron!

Hi Collegiettes!
I’m just dropping in to tell you a little about how my very first week as a fitness blogger has been going!

First of all, I’m very sore thanks to Holly Perkins, the fitness guru at New Balance!  Because I want to tone up, she advised me to start doing some serious weight training by concentrating on perfect form on my reps and hitting every body part twice a week.  Because I’m a scheduling fanatic, I’ve made some ground rules for myself: I will alternate days of weight lifting and yoga with cardio activity and take one day off every two completed cycles (a completed cycle being two days of weights alternated with two days of cardio). 

Yesterday I worked my lower body and abs in the gym and I am soo feeling it today!  This morning I did forty minutes of cardio and tomorrow I plan to work my arms and my abs.  With any luck my body will eventually stop being so sore all the time and I’ll have some gorgeous muscles to show for it!

Lots of love,
P.S. Going home this weekend?  Look for my top five favorite strength training moves that you can do anywhere!

(photo credits: Pawel Kryj & Nathaniel Dodson)

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Elizabeth Bayne is a first-year at the marvelous Smith College. She adores running dusty trails, pumping iron, and everything yoga-related. Unfortunately she cannot seem to muster the willpower to stay away from decadent desserts or anything covered in that delicious fake yogurt they dip raisins into. In all seriousness, working out is a powerful stress-reliever for her and has invariably become a part of daily life. Most recently, yoga and weight lifting have become the most exciting parts of her workout routine, but she’s always looking for new ways to be motivated (Thursday night Zumba class, anyone?). Her workout goals for this season are to tone up and to adopt sensible eating habits to avoid the seemingly ubiquitous Freshman Fifteen. She also wants to be able to do a handstand for two reasons: to develop intense concentration skills and to have a cool party trick.
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