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Pokémon-Inspired Foods for Your Meowth

The best master trainers think, breathe, and eat Pokémon 24/7 (not literally, we hope), so if you “wanna be the very best,” then you need to dine like Ash Ketchum! These tasty treats feature your favorite little (and big) pocket monsters, so you can satisfy your munchies while showing off some serious Pokémon pride. Turn your cap backward and get ready to dig in, because these kitchen creations are as amazing as they are nostalgia-inducing (don’t worry; we’ll call Nurse Joy if you start hyperventilating out of excitement!).

It’s a beautiful but long day of training ahead, so energize yourself in the morning with one of Eevee’s eight evolutions.

Then, complete your breakfast with the two best starter Pokémon around…

You’ll want to pace yourself at lunch, so pikachoose something light, such as a small burger or sandwich…

If you’re a bit on the hungry side, Diglett into a delicious rice bowl!

Even if you only have a short lunch break, you can grab something lightning-quick to make.

Whatever you choose, don’t eat too much of it, because you’ll need a big appetite for your extra-large Pokéball pizza at dinnertime…

…and even more room for all the desserts! Leaf room for a slice of Bulbasaur cake…

…or a slice of Vulpix-ture perfect indulgence.

We won’t peek-at-chu if you go for seconds.

Even after you’ve stuffed your face with cake, you should still have room for one dainty little cookie…

…but once you try one, you gotta taste ’em all!

And you absolutely have to have dessert if it’s somebody’s birthday!

Snorlax knows what we mean (we hope that top slice is for us).

Anniversary desserts are a must too, because you can totally use Pokémon as a romantic gesture…

…or a declaration of love! Can you feel the Butterfrees in your stomach?

If someone brought these to our doorstep, we would marry that person faster than a Pidgeotto Quick Attack.

We can hear the wedding Bellsprouts already.

Though every one of these culinary creations looks delicious, make sure you enjoy your Pokémon-inspired foods in moderation. Master trainers need to maintain their shape if they want to win the Poké Cup!

Connie is a professional and creative writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently obsessed with pole fitness, pumpkin bread, and '80s fashion.