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The Pizzaslime X REVOLVE After-Party Has The Internet Divided

Is influencer culture getting out of hand? Well, the internet seems to think so. ICYMI, the Pizzaslime X REVOLVE party at Stagecoach sparked debate, and backlash, on TikTok — and influencers are weighing in. Spoiler alert: Even they’re sick of the industry’s exclusivity.

On April 27, TikToker Rhegan Coursey posted a video outside of the Pizzaslime X REVOLVE after-party at Stagecoach. In the video, Rhegan shows that there are two signs that split attendees into two groups: Those with over a million followers, and those who have less than a million.

Even though Rhegan has over 4 million followers across platforms and accounts, the TikToker chose to turn around and head home. “Like, I get exclusivity and sh*t,” Rhegan said as she walked away from the entrance. “But we’re not celebs. We’re normal ass people. I don’t know. That was really weird to me.” Since posting, Rhegan’s video has amassed 3.6 million likes, and over 20 million views.

One user commented “THATS ACTUALLY INSANE so that’s what the influencers were talking abt 😭” while another said, “It even better bc you have over 1million and are still weirded out by it!”

Rhegan followed up the TikTok by posting another video in her pajamas, freshly showered, and drinking water before heading to bed.


see y’all in 20 minutes for the grwm for bed 😚😚🤘🏼

♬ original sound – rheg (°◡°♡) ☆*:+

While Rhegan’s video received a ton of support from her fans, internet celebrity Tana Mongeau chimed in to offer her perspective as to why the signs were there.

“Is everyone not aware of Pizzaslime’s lore?” Tana asked, stitching Rhegan’s video. “Like, if you know Pizzaslime you know that [the signs were] just a joke and almost making fun of the fact that influencer culture and Coachella culture is really like that, right?”

Rhegan responded again in another video saying that, even though the brand said the signs were a joke, she had several friends who attended that reported differently. “It might be a joke for Pizzaslime, but definitely wasn’t for the other brands,” Rhegan said.

If you’re also unfamiliar, REVOLVE is a popular clothing retailer, and Pizzaslime is an apparel brand that pokes fun of pop culture movements through its clothing. You may be familiar with their viral “STOP LOOKING AT MY D*CK” sweatpants had their moment on social media in 2020. Like, every Hype House member, Sway boy, and ghost-of-canceled-past were rocking these at some point.

In true Pizzaslime fashion, the brand duetted Rhegan’s video. Let’s just say, their response is exactly what I thought it would be.


#duet with @rheg (°◡°♡) ☆*:+ A very professional and official Pizzaslime statement about our recent viral controversy #pizzaslimerevolve #pizzaslime #revolve #poopoopeepee

♬ original sound – rheg (°◡°♡) ☆*:+

Listen, as someone who lived in the Los Angeles area for years, I can tell you that these kinds of parties (joking or not) are nothing new: I once got turned down from a function because my IG feed “wasn’t the vibe.” Personally, I wouldn’t touch this party with a 10-foot pole… y’all stay safe out there.

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