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Orrin Hatch Is Retiring From The Senate & His Seat May Be Filled By Mitt Romney

Utah’s Senator, Orrin Hatch, just announced his retirement plans at the end of this term. He is currently the longest-serving GOP senator in the history of Utah. What does this mean? For some Utahns, it is a relief that Senator Hatch is ready to leave. According to the New York Times, a recent poll shows that some voters do not plan on voting for Senator Hatch if he had a reelection.

President Trump and Senator Hatch have established a working connection — and the president has been pushing for Senator Hatch to continue to seek reelection for another term.

However, the senator said in a video posted to his Youtube channel on Tuesday that he decided to retire after speaking with his family.

Senator Hatch’s retirement can also potentially pave way for Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential candidate, to not only take the Senate seat but also a chance to get back into politics and to regain the political spotlight. However, Mitt Romney has been one of President Trump’s critics during the 2016 presidential elections, when Romney called Trump a “fraud.”

We respect Senator Hatch’s decision and wish him the very best in his future endeavors, and thank you for serving the state of Utah. Romney has not yet announced or confirmed whether he will be running for the Senate seat.

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