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Okay, So Did Miley & Liam Break Up Or Not? Let’s Investigate

As Shakespeare once said, “Art Miley and Liam together? That is the question.”

Okay, so I’m paraphrasing here, but seriously. What’s the deal?!

One of Young Hollywood’s favorite couples, aka Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, made waves when they were spotted hanging out again two years ago before casually revealing to the world, without ever actually saying it, that they were back together. We all let out a sigh of relief and felt a peace come over us knowing that love was truly alive and well once again.

However, recently, Mileybird went on a deletion spree of images on her Instagram and then she just went ahead and deleted the whole thing altogether. This made many believe that Miley and her Australian beau were once again on the fritz—rumor being that they couldn’t agree on marriage and children, and would no longer be making us believe in true love. According to Harper’s Bazaarmany believed that Miley was following in the footsteps of other artists, such as rapper Future, and “wiping the slate clean” in order to drop new music and dedicate her social media strictly to that rather than it be about another breakup with Liam. 

I like this theory seeing as 1) I’m very interested in new Miley music as I really loved her last album and 2) it means that they’re still together and that’s what we all really want in the end.

As for the rumor about the marriage and kids, Clevver.com reports that tabloid OK! Australia had a source claiming, “He wants kids and doesn’t want to keep putting it off, but it’s not quite the timeline Miley had in mind… he is left heartbroken. Miley put off plans for the wedding and Liam was growing tired of it. They haven’t been getting along in recent months.”

This rumor makes me horribly sad as those kids would be the most adorable free spirits ever. And while yes, Miley has stated that there’s no rush to walk down the aisle, that doesn’t mean that it was never going to happen. 

Thankfully, as Harper Bazaar’s concludes, the two were spotted at the Nashville airport together just yesterday. And not only that, but Elle reports that Liam not-so-subtly squashed any and all rumors today by breaking his Instagram silence and posting a video of the two of them together being the perfectly happy couple we all know and love.

So, it would seem that the two are still together and social media can be so easily misconstrued. 

Miley+Liam 4EVA.

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