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Ohio Just Voted Not To Legalize Pot

Many Americans may not have realized that Tuesday was election day, because only state and local elections were being held. Yet there was one particular state election which was getting national attention, and with good reason: Ohio's ballot proposal for legalizing medical and recreational use of marijuana. 

According to the New York Times, the measure failed substantially, with 65 percent of voters opposed in comparison to just 35 percent in support. This, coming after a lengthy and expensive campaign, seems to signify a hefty defeat for the pro-weed movement.

Still, Rolling Stone asserts that the ballot measure was voted down not because Buckeyes aren't pot-friendly, but because 10 companies donated obscene amounts of money to pass "Issue 3." If it had been passed, it would have ensured they had "exclusive and indefinite" rights to marijuana sales in Ohio. That detail was so unsavory that even national pro-weed groups refused to endorse the measure.

"I can't believe I voted 'no' when it was finally on the ballot," Marty Dvorchak told the New York Times. "I think it's ridiculous that marijuana is illegal. The war on drugs has been a failure. But I don't think 10 people (growers) should have a monopoly."

Regardless of the Ohio botched measure, next year's elections could see as many as 11 states across the country potentially voting on the hot-button pot legalization issue. Currently 23 states have laws providing legalization of medical marijuana to some extent.

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