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This is Not a Drill: Kate Middleton is Hiring!

When you think of a dream job, it probably doesn’t entail cleaning someone’s house, polishing their silverware, shopping for groceries and helping prep meals. But what if we told your employer would be the British royal family, more specifically, William and Kate? We bet you’d sign up in a heartbeat! Well, now you can… sort of. That’s right, the royal couple is looking to hire someone who will look after their sprawling Norfolk country home. 

According to People, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge placed the ad earlier this month in the prominent British women’s magazine, The Lady (also known as the publication for “elegant women with elegant minds”). It specifies the responsibilities of the job, which include all of your typical housework, though how typical can it be when you’re cleaning the royals’ floors and dishes?! But aside from maintaining the household, the role entails “assisting with childcare and caring for dogs.” READ: assisting with childcare, aka Prince George and likely his soon-to-be brother or sister

It’s also fair to mention that the job position may involve “maintaining the homeowners’ clothing.” In other words, the upkeep of Kate’s arsenal of gorgeous coats, dresses and let’s not forget, intricate fascinators… count us in! You don’t even have to ask us if we’d clean spit-up off George’s overalls or individually hand pick lint off of Kate’s peacoat because the answer is always yes (though Kate would never have lint on her coat anyway because she’s Kate Middleton).

Though the ad seems quite ordinary, we’re guessing the couple won’t be hiring just anybody. It doesn’t specify whether you need to have completed formal butler training (if that exists) or be a top-notch chef, but we’re guessing creds like those will definitely help. And considering that the ad says “discretion and loyalty is paramount,” they won’t be hiring any gossipmongers who would do something like post selfies with George on Instagram. So if you’re a senior looking for a job and you’re the type who does not get starstruck, what are you waiting for? Start crafting the perfect cover letter!