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Not Bangin’ Anymore!

So… In October, I dyed my hair darker and cut bangs all in the same day! They’ve been so fun to have, but now I’m really missing my old hair-do… you know, the one where I DON’T have to constantly worry about what my bangs look like… or where I can throw my hair into a ponytail and NOT have to plug in the straightener or the curling iron…

[bf_image id="q7knsr-8vxdrs-60yqqz"]

I mean… bangs are cutting edge (just look at Lady Gaga!) and they can really make a pair of eyes POP, but let's be real... I’m done with the popping… I’m ready to have my forehead back!! (Even if it means I’ll have to consistently pluck my eyebrows again… dang!) I've decided to do what every girl groans at the thought of... I'm growing them out... That's right, I'm going where no one wants to go... I'm a trailblazer...

Okay, so I'm not REALLY a trailblazer--because there are TONS of girls in the same boat as I am--the 'Awkward-Headed' boat. And, luckily for us, there are SO many options that are stylish and chic that we can use to NOT look like ‘Cousin It.’

SO, Today's blog is about all the options us bang-growers have!! I also put pictures that have been taken of me wearing the hairstyles because model/celebrity hair always looks TOO good!!

1.) Pin them back—This is my personal favorite… especially when you can make a little poof out of it! Just take your bangs, spray them (a lot!) and pin them back right at the crown of your head. For a poof, I twist them together at the ends so that they stay, push them forward, and pin in place! (It's also a great look to wear with a ponytail!)

[bf_image id="q7knss-1xye1c-5y129"][bf_image id="q7knss-a7mhcw-4y9tn6"]

2.) Push them back—Use a headband to push those bangs back! This look is really in right now. I’m not a big fan of this look on me, but it’s SO easy!! (And it’s Franklin’s favorite!)

[bf_image id="q7knst-2o6zfs-b96vb1"][bf_image id="q7knst-ap7azs-fy3e2q"]

3.) Use hair products—use gel and mousse to pull your bangs over to the side! (You usually need them to be a little longer, and the products will keep those little hairs in place!)

[bf_image id="q7knsu-2rznyo-fnw8oy"][bf_image id="q7knsu-adkd7c-9curor"]

4.) Braid ‘em!—When they’re long enough, you can begin to braid them back into a French braid at your forehead! It’s SUCH a popular and chic look, and it’s pretty easy to do! Just make sure to do the braid with wet hair! (Then spray spray SPRAY!!)

[bf_image id="q7knsv-2n3uhk-fwe8s1"]

If none of those work, you can always just rock the extra-long, straightened bangs look!! OR, simply put on a baseball cap! Because, let’s face it, guys TOTALLY dig a girl in a baseball cap!! (And if some don’t, they SHOULD!!)

Hope this helps!
Show those bangs who’s BOSS!

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Chandler is a senior at Baylor University where she is a Communication Specialist major with a double major in Spanish. A Texan through and through, Chandler was born and raised in the capital of Texas, Austin. At Baylor, Chandler is a part of Baylor Ambassadors, a lobbying team for more government-sponsored, monetary grants for private universities. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma where she served as the recruitment chair. Chandler has spent the past year working as an intern at KWTX Channel 10 News, where she is trying to make her start as a reporter/anchor. She will be spending the next semester in New York, where she'll be interning at CBS's The Early Show. She is so excited about this awesome opportunity through Juicy Couture and Her Campus. Chandler LOVES Juicy because it completely fits her personality, outgoing, fun and unique, but classy. On top of loving Juicy, she enjoys playing her guitar, singing, talking and reading in Spanish. She also loves chocolate, the smell of roses, little kids, politics and hanging out with her friends and family.
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