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Noshing Responsibly

We’re all busy gals.  We run around all day and hardly have a chance to slow down and relax, let alone grab a mid-afternoon snack.  Without realizing it I go six hours or more between eating, which definitely does not leave me feeling good.  Furthermore, it’s downright bad for your metabolism to go without food for so long. 
My solution?  Stash some healthy on-the-go snacks in your backpack or purse so you always have something to ward off that plunging blood sugar.

  1. Apples.  They’ve got fiber to keep you full, natural sugars to reenergize you, and lots of water for rehydration.  Not to mention they’re tasty as well!  In fact, any kind of fruit is so good for you, and so portable!  Oranges and bananas both have natural casings that will keep their flesh clean; just peel and eat!
  2. Almonds.  I love the one hundred calorie packs: the provide portion control and some really tasty flavors (my favorite? Dark chocolate!).  The fat in the almonds will keep you full and satisfied all the way till dinner!  Sometimes I like to eat them for breakfast with a banana and a glass of skim milk.  Nutritionally perfect!
  3. Dry cereal.  It sounds zany, but ends up being incredibly filling (not to mention yummy!).  Opt for the high-fiber and low-sugar kind, which will fill you up but not damage your diet.
  4. Rice cakes with nut butter.  Okay, so this isn’t something that you can just throw into your purse per se, but stash a few packets of nut butter (my favorite is almond, but you can get peanut, macadamia, cashew etc.) and a rice cake or two.  Grab a plastic knife and you’re good to go!  This snack is incredibly satisfying because you’re getting carbs from the rice cakes (look for the kind made with brown rice) and fat and protein from the nut butter!
  5. Bags of veggies. Take a ziplock bag to the dining hall for lunch and fill up on salad bar items: carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, etc.  If you’re in the mood for a light afternoon snack, these veggies provide for perfect munching!
  6. Portable cheese products.  I like string cheese and those little mini cheese rounds.  They’re delicious and pack a lot of protein.

The bottom line?  Keep your metabolism humming with some yummy and healthy snacks!
Lots of Love,

(photo credits: Stefan Gustafsson, Leonardini, Jerry Liu, Francois Cartens on sxc.hu)

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Elizabeth Bayne is a first-year at the marvelous Smith College. She adores running dusty trails, pumping iron, and everything yoga-related. Unfortunately she cannot seem to muster the willpower to stay away from decadent desserts or anything covered in that delicious fake yogurt they dip raisins into. In all seriousness, working out is a powerful stress-reliever for her and has invariably become a part of daily life. Most recently, yoga and weight lifting have become the most exciting parts of her workout routine, but she’s always looking for new ways to be motivated (Thursday night Zumba class, anyone?). Her workout goals for this season are to tone up and to adopt sensible eating habits to avoid the seemingly ubiquitous Freshman Fifteen. She also wants to be able to do a handstand for two reasons: to develop intense concentration skills and to have a cool party trick.
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