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Don’t Freak Out, But Normani’s Debut Album Is Dropping Soon

ICYMI, Normani’s long-awaited debut album Dopamine officially has a release date. The former Fifth Harmony singer announced her debut album Dopamine on Instagram on February 21 but did not reveal when the release date would be. On April 26, she announced the release of her new single “1:59 (ft. Gunna)” and *finally* provided a date for Dopamine

Since Fifth Harmony announced an indefinite hiatus in March 2018, Normani’s been focused on her solo career. She’s gone on to release several singles and even joined Ariana Grande during her Sweetener Tour. Normani’s a total boss with an amazing voice, and incredible style, and is for sure going to have one of those albums that will be on repeat all summer for me. 

When will Dopamine be released?

The same day Normani released “1:59,” she announced in an Instagram post that Dopamine will be dropping on June 14. 

In an April 26 interview with ELLE, Normani gave a little background info about her upcoming album, sharing that it’s a “representation of [her] resilience.” 

Dopamine represents the highs and the lows I’ve endured. It’s been such an emotional roller coaster,” she told the outlet. “I worked relentlessly with my creative director, [Kwasi Fordjour]. We did our research. I really wanted to have a title that felt like it definitely encompassed everything that I feel I’ve been through in my journey to get to the point that I’m in right now.” 

And let’s talk about that album cover for a minute! Not only does Normani look amazing sitting atop a rocket, there’s actually a strategy behind the album’s cover.  “[The cover] feels energetic. It feels like a hit, and I feel like people have been waiting—[it’s been] one of the most highly anticipated projects,” she said. I 100% agree. 

Is Normani going on tour?

While many of us are so excited for this new album to drop, Normani’s ELLE interview revealed that she also plans to go on tour. While we don’t know when this tour will happen, just prepare to be sick of me when it’s finally announced. 

Of course, fans are already counting down the minutes until a tour is officially announced, and I’m right there with them. 

If you need me, I’ll be learning the lyrics to “1:59” and counting down the days until Dopamine is officially out. 

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