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Nick Viall Says He Doesn’t Want to Be Famous, But Vanessa Grimaldi Is Already Hinting at Another Reality Show

Bachelor Nation was pretty shocked when special education teacher Vanessa Grimaldi, who seemed to be, ahem, “here for the right reasons,” turned out to have an IMDb page. And Nick Viall already had Dancing with the Stars lined up before his stint as the Bachelor was even over. (Shocker! Not.) So do we really expect Vanessa and Nick to be stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon? Let’s be real, probs not.

Nick claims he doesn’t want to be famous, but Vanessa, his new fiancée, says the couple are open to future reality TV opportunities. Hmm, something isn’t adding up here… Even though we have had enough of seeing Nick on TV, we doubt that he feels the same. This was his fourth time on the Bachelor franchise after all. 

On Saturday, former Bachelor Chris Soules told ET that Nick loves fame. “He loves being famous. He loves the spotlight, he really, truly does,” Soules said. “If he wouldn’t admit that, he’s lying.” Also, is Chris Soules even relevant anymore? 

In response, Viall told ET on Tuesday that he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. “Actually, no [I don’t want to be famous],” he said. “It’s funny, because the opportunities I’ve been given in The Bachelor world, quite honestly, other than Andi’s season, those were opportunities that were presented to me, and I certainly was open to them. It was the right decision.” 

Yet on the very same day, his fiancée gave a pretty opposite response. According to Refinery29, during a press conference Tuesday, when asked about the couple’s future in the reality TV world, Grimaldi responded, “Never say never!” So she’s not exactly closing the door on being reality TV stars again, but she did add, “Right now, we’re just focusing on our relationship.”

So the guy who’s been on the Bachelor franchise four times and is set to compete on Dancing with the Stars doesn’t want to be famous? And his former wannabe actress fiancée who’s open to appearing on other reality shows doesn’t either? Yep, that sounds accurate…

Nick will be on Dancing with the Stars for the next three months, so tbh, let’s see if they even last that long. And PLEASE no more spin-off shows like Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

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