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Nick Viall Might Be The Most Sex-Positive Bachelor Ever

Maybe some of you are still recovering from the fact that Luke Pell won’t be our next Bachelor, and others of you are already partying on the Nick Viall train, but after a recent interview with People, we all have to agree that Nick is the most sex-positive Bachelor the franchise has ever had. The fantasy suite used to be a questionable, sexual mystery until Nick famously told the world that he slept with Andi Dorfman and had some super intimate relations with Kaitlyn Bristowe, too. 

From the ladies’ perspectives, you’d probably want to set him on fire for outing your sexual history, but Nick was so sweet about the whole thing we just couldn’t be mad. When asked if he regrets spilling the beans on live TV, he answered, “I regret that in the sense that it unnecessarily and unfairly caused Andi to get a lot of flack. I wasn’t trying to accomplish that. Women have as much right as men to do whatever they want behind closed doors.” Damn right, Nick. 

He also added that “sex isn’t a taboo thing. I’m an open book so I don’t mind the fact that it’s out there. People are well aware of the fact that Andi and I slept together, as well Kaitlyn and I, but I slept with two women that at the time I felt deeply for and thought there was a good chance I could end up with.” 

With Nick’s sexual history, does this mean we can expect a lot more fantasy suite action on his season? Probably. We’d rather have somebody who views it positively and isn’t afraid to talk about sex instead of hiding it and being shameful. Whatever happens, we just hope he FINALLY finds love. 

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