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NEWSFLASH: Need-to-Know Stories 1/19 – 1/25

This week, what began as a series of peaceful protests have become violent in Ukraine, leading the country’s president to consider dissolving his government with some caveats. Meanwhile in Texas, the case of Marlise Munoz is almost nearing its end as a Texas judge ordered that the clinically dead patient be taken off life support, even though the hospital had been keeping her alive to preserve a still-developing fetus in her body.

Welcome back to NEWSFLASH, giving you the week’s biggest stories!

Ukraine President Meets With Opposition Leaders After Protests Turn Violent

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych met with opposition leaders Saturday to discuss the possible dissolution of his government following a weak of violent protests and equally destructive crackdowns.

Yanukovych put forth the possibility of dissolving his government if former Foreign Minister Arseni Yatsenyuk accepts a position as prime minister under Yanukovych. The proposal has already been criticized with protestors declaring that they would only be satisfied with Yanukovych’s complete removal from government.

The protests in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities began in November when Yanukovych’s administration shelved a trade deal with the E.U. in favor of closer relations with Russia. However, the rallies remained non-violent until the past week when protestors stormed key buildings in Kiev and government officials issued a crackdown.

Two protestors died after police moved in to dismantle a protest camp on Wednesday. While no more casualties have been reported since then, violent clashes have continued throughout Kiev and other cities around the country.

Texas Woman Taken Off Life Support After Fierce Legal Battle

A legal battle that began in November for Marlise Munoz’s family is now presumably drawing to a close after a Texas judge ordered that the clinically brain-dead and pregnant Munoz be taken off of life support machines.

Munoz, 33, fell to the ground unconscious on November 26 from a blood clot and was later declared clinically dead after two days in a hospital. Doctors in Fort Worth, however, kept her on life support as she was 14 weeks pregnant at the time, citing a Texas law that mandates the use of life-sustaining procedures for a pregnant patient.

The decision infuriated Munoz’s family, who stated that Munoz had told them long before that she wished to be cut from life support if she was ever declared brain-dead. The furor was fueled by proof that the still-developing fetus in Munoz’s body was “no longer viable” given her state.

The hospital now has until 5 p.m. on Monday to cut off Munoz from life support, according to the Texas judge who made the ruling. 

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