Yup, Someone's Making a Brexit-Themed Dating App

When Great Britain voted to leave the European Union last week, many Brits were left divided and heartbroken. After all, 48 percent of citizens voted to stay. To alleviate some of the stress all Remain voters are feeling, two of these voters are creating a solution ––they are launching a new dating app, Remainder. This is more proof that people will join a dating app about literally anything.

According to the creators of Remainder, the app started as a joke last Friday. However, after receiving a huge level of interest on Facebook, they decided to follow through and actually create it. 

"We think everyone's entitled to their views and we know that there are many sensible, kind and intelligent leave voters," they said in a press release for the app. "But, our audience is Remainers and we're trying to provide a little comfort for these heartbroken voters."

The creators of the app are planning to host several exclusive events in Remain-voting cities throughout the U.K. "Early signups and funders will be in line for exclusive invitations," the press release notes. 

To fund the creation of the app, the creators are currently asking for donations from family, friends and other Remain voters. 

According to Remainder's crowdfunding page, Version 1 of the app is almost complete. "Your investment will help us launch the best product as quickly as possible," the page says. "In return for your investment, we're able to offer guest list invitations to events thrown by Remainder partners."

We definitely did not see this one coming.