You'll Never Guess Who's Starring in the New McDonald's Ad

Exciting news for breakfast-lovers everywhere: history was made today when McDonald's announced its new, groundbreaking All Day Breakfast Menu.

And who's that starring in the new McDonald's ad about this all-day breakfast announcement? None other than Her Campus Co-founder, Annie Wang! 

When McDonald's made this decision to finally offer breakfast all day, every day, they were truly breaking boundaries for fast food companies everywhere. That's what made McDonald's decide to feature Annie in this commercial—when the HC Co-founder made the decision to leave Harvard to focus on Her Campus full-time, she was breaking boundaries, too.

"I'm thrilled that McDonald's is spotlighting the Her Campus story and my story specifically as a 'boundary breaker,' representing the spirit of the new All Day Breakfast Menu," Annie says. 

As thrilled as we are that we can now get our McMuffin fix at any time of day, we were even more excited to see Annie featured in this commercial as the trendsetter she is. Obviously, her Instagram inspires the masses! We had to ask Annie about her experience becoming #McFamous in this ad.

"Filming this commercial was an incredible experience!" Annie says. "I have a newfound respect for actors—eating on camera is harder than you think!—and especially for production teams. It was so inspiring seeing how all the different crew members worked together and contributed their individual expertise to create a cohesive, stunning final cut." 

Keep an eye out for this commercial, coming soon to a TV near you—and grab a McGriddle at 8 p.m. some day this week, just because you can!


We were given access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of HC Co-founder Annie on set at the filming of this commercial! Check out the video below to learn more about Annie, Her Campus, McDonald's, breaking boundaries and more!