You Should Go to These Schools if You Want to Make a Lot of Money

Money is one of the largest factors to take in consideration before, during and after college—well, basically in life—and it’s not going away anytime soon. But finance can be one of the scariest words in the English language for those trying that scary "adulting" thing. However, where you study in college can make just as much of an impact upon your finances as much as what you study. In a new report, PayScale ranked colleges according to which have the highest-paying alumni.

State University of New York—Maritime College ranked #1 on the list, with mid-career pay being $144,000 and starting pay at $69,700. A state school with 90 percent male students, some of the most popular majors include business, mechanical or industrial engineering, according to Mic.

Coming in second place is MIT, known for its rigorous STEM programs—their graduates make a mid-career pay of $134,000. Harvey Mudd College and Princeton University tied for third place and Stanford made fifth. Military schools were also well-represented in the top 10. Obviously we won't all be going to one of these top schools, so the most important thing is to graduate with your bachelor's degree. According to PayScale, “In today’s job market, having a bachelor’s degree is nearly a necessity to land a rewarding, well-paying job with any possibility for advancement; a bachelor’s degree is almost essential for entry into most professional careers.”