WTF Even Is Wine Water & Would You Drink It?

The last time I thought about wine and water in the same sentence was when Jesus turned water into wine (tell me I'm not the only one). Well, this story’s sort of similar except that Napa Hills is now turning wine into water (WHAT?!). Yes, you heard me right. Want the benefits of your favorite wine without actually getting buzzed? We’ve got you covered.

Launched in 2017 in Chicago, Napa Hills Vineyard Enriched Water is a sort of wine-infused water. "Napa Hills makes it easy for health-conscious people to incorporate and enjoy the antioxidant benefits of red wine while hydrating anywhere, anytime,” CEO and Founder of Napa Hills Ellona Jarvis told The Shelby Report.

According to the website, red wine offers a number of health benefits; however, consuming more than two glasses of wine a day is bad for your health (whoops). So Napa Hills has come about to solve that problem by taking all the goodness of wine and putting it into a non-alcoholic drink.

As explained on the website, in order to make the beverage, Napa Hills “mix[es] purified water with VitaRes®, our proprietary blend of the same antioxidants naturally found in red wine, but without the alcohol”. The Vita-Res includes red grape skin as well as red wine extract, hence the whole wine water idea.

According to The Shelby Report Jarvis, who was born and raised in Crimea, "spent four years working alongside bio-science, winemaking, and beverage-production experts in the U.S." to work on developing the antioxidant blend a.k.a. a healthy alternative to your not-so-healthy wine obession. 

Ready to give up drinking wine and jump on the healthy wine water bandwagon? Not going to lie, I’m a little skeptical as well but doesn’t hurt to try. A 12-pack of the drinks, which are currently available in Cherry Rosé and Peach Grigio flavors, can be ordered on their website or through Amazon for $30.00 and in select-stores in the Chicago Area.

BRB, while I finish that bottle of Merlot from yesterday.