The U.S. Might Be About To Get Even More Islamophobic—Here's How to Deal

Now that Donald Trump has been chosen as the president-elect, many people are afraid. Women, LGBT, blacks, Muslims; the list goes on. Many believe that the hatred Trump used in his campaign and spread among his supporters will become even more pronounced now that it's been "accepted" through the election. Now is the time to stand up. Now more than ever is the time to focus on safety and to become an ally for the groups that will now need support.

MuslimGirl is a website dedicated to furthering the safety and support for Muslim women, especially after this election. We've pulled a couple of their valuable articles to share with you.

First off, for those Muslim girls who are feeling vulnerable right now, we recommend checking out this Crisis Safety Manual for Muslim Women. Their tips include carrying your phone everywhere, remaining diligent in public and learning self defense.

For those of you who aren't Muslim but who support Muslim men and women, check out MuslimGirl's A-Z Guide for Being a Good Muslim Ally. They've got tips for being a great Muslim ally all the way through the alphabet, from reading informative articles to zero tolerance, with education and opinions along the way.

Whether the election went they way you wanted or not, we can agree that many groups are feeling scared and threatened today. Educate yourself and become an ally.